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French Country Travel Life Vacation Confidental




This French Country Travel Life Vacation Confidental is where I reveal the down side of being DA BG.  Yes, Virginia, there IS  a negative smiley face in my otherwise blissful existence. A subtle frown that creases the face of carefree revelry.

Like a wine that is almost perfect, My French Life has a touch of tannin. The bitter flavor of (ugh) responsibility. Which means that the French Cycling Gourmet is NEVER on a carefree holiday. Because dear reader, he’s always thinking of you.  Thinking of how much you would enjoy what he is enjoying. And is therefore obliged to hip you to whatever trip he happens to be on.

bicyclegourmetThis one is to a region of la Belle France that doesn’t get a lot of press. And for me, and the folks who dwell herein, that’s jus’ fine.

It is above the too famed Provence, and borders the Haute Alps and the Alps Maritime. Folks, meet la Drome Provencal. The southernmost part of la Drome proper. (my non altzheimer readers may recall THIS POST)

Like it’s southern neighbour, la Drome Provencal has an equally agreeable climate. Allowing it to produce wine, fruits and herbs in massive quantities. Sharing a big slice of Mt. Ventoux, means that it’s some serious sport candy for cyclists of the lyra clad “speed thrills” variety. (my cycling opposites, as you are no doubt well aware.)

Other than the ubiquitous tourism, Lavender and herbs are La Drome Provencal’s main exports.

What rattles my cage about this region is that it’s “the road less travelled”, (with virtually the same climate as the road too often travelled) there’s NO industry, (so, no pollution) and, with more villages than cities, plus mountains all around, you can get lost here.

With your camera, bien sur.








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14 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Vacation Confidental”

  1. cassie flochart says:

    great pictures! give us more!!!

  2. bette fiddler says:

    nice to have some concrete evidence of what we already know. ..that you’re always thinking of us!

  3. mark dobbins says:

    as other have commented…super images!..sounds like a fantastic part of france!

  4. henny stavers says:

    thinking of us again!…many thanks…..have a great break!

  5. russel banks says:

    as always..great information that otherwise we never would have known.

  6. angie hoo says:

    just when we think we know the face of france….you arrive with yet another new wrinkle! (the good kind – lol!)

  7. angie hoo says:

    well put angie…..and so true.

  8. candance meeker says:

    wanna go there…NOW!!!

  9. fran dennis says:

    candance..include me IN!!!

  10. hugo benson says:

    your vaction spot has “photo opp” written all over it!

  11. jack coleman says:

    hugo….you got that right pal!

  12. earle birde says:

    as others have said: great photos! how about a post with just your photos?

  13. garth branster says:

    earle…DA BG has already gotcha covered.! go to the top of the page and click “IMAGES” – that will take you directly to DA BG’s photo site.

  14. earle birde says:

    many thanks garth!…..on my way to check it out now!

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