THIS BLOG…chronicles the voyages of  The Bicycle Gourmet.

His continuing mission : To glide gently through the French countryside, tasting the land and the people, as well as the food and wine. And share his adventures with you.

The Bicycle Gourmet’s Bio

Christopher Strong became “The Bicycle Gourmet” (also known as “BG” and/or “BEEGE”) as a result of cycling through the French country backroads, filming his TV series – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France.”

In addition to being a “Realisator” (French for film director) Christopher is also an author (“Gliding to the Bonheur”) Photographer , Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist (“The Healing Garden,” “The Healing Gift”,”The Sorcier”) Singer-Songwriter(“Sail On”,”No Borders” ) Recording Engineer/Producer(“Healing Chants”,”Mary’s Message”, “Celtic Angels”  “Colors of Spain”, “Whispers of Spain,  “Hybrid”, “Amora Musicale”)

Outdoors oriented from an early age, it was only natural Christopher would go on to major in “looking out the window” and follow with his PHD –”Dreamily Looking Out The Window.”

It was this solid educational background that gave Christopher the necessary resources and perspective to create “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France.”

Christopher lives in France. Near a tiny perfect village so incredible, he will never reveal it’s location!