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French Country Travel Life Wino



French Country Travel Life is full of Winos. The “drinking it “variety and the “makin’ it” kind. As you travel through the French Country backroads, you get the impression there just might be more winemakers than wine drinkers! I can tell ya DA BG does.

But, whatever the reality, it’s safe to say that regardless of your choice of French Wine – red, white, rose, and any/all variations of – there’s a (for me, HAPPY!) over abundance. And you don’t need anyFrench Language Lessons or French Sentences and Phrases to get the most out of it

Naturally, it’s the French Wine Regions that are the most widely known that first come to mind. The Loire – celebrated for it’s elegant, mineral packed whites, the Pouilly Fumes and the Savignon Blancs. As well as the pinnacle of the Gamay grape – Touraine. But wait – there’s more! – the earthy nuances of Cabernet Franc proudly exhibited in Chinon and Bourgueil.

Plus  – the Loire offers one of the richest histories of all the French regions, due to the fact that it was the home/vacation spot for a majority of the Kings of France. Meaning – an (again) over abundance of some of the greatest

Treasures of France – such as Chennonceau,Chambord and Amboise. (where Leonardo di Vinci spent his last years)

So, before you start thinking French Tourism is paying me for all this – remember that virtually every region of France has some incredible wines to offer.

One region that is low on the radar’s of most non-French is the Quincy. (pronounced -“Can-See”) It starts just below the city of Verizon, (just before the Loire curves right toward Bourges) and borders on the Cher region to the East. Here some of the tastiest, and little discovered Savignon Blancs(“Savignon Fume” in France) can be found.

One of the Quincy Wino “posse” is Phillipe Portier. This is a slice of his life. Bonne degustation! (good tasting)

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17 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Wino”

  1. rand carlson says:

    super video!

  2. rand carlson says:

    rand – you may the spinhx look like a blabbermouth!

  3. sally cook says:

    fantastic to get the human story behind the wine – which you do better than anyone!

  4. bobby martin says:

    have to agree with sally…everyone else who does stories on french wine never goes into the humlan aspect…except superfically……

  5. pam goodman says:

    right on bobby! – and usually with the same cliches too!

  6. steve zammron says:

    really love this vid and post…you just keep getting better!..and you very not too bad to start with ‘lol!)

  7. barb trellit says:

    great post and vid – very much appreciate the links!

  8. david murray-whyte says:

    stellar material all around old chap!

  9. carla peters says:

    DA BG..an “old chap?”

  10. marnie overton says:

    after this – waiting for the ultimate wine book – from DA BG!

  11. olive reimer says:

    i’m with you there marnie – a bg book is long overdue.

  12. cathy bogart says:

    olive – you mean his SECOND book, don’t you? his first one (i’ve got it) is available by clicking the “treasures of france” link at the top right of the page.

  13. colin winder says:

    an incredible collection of images, masterfully combined. you, sir are a true artists!

  14. kerri middleton says:

    very cool vibe all around – story and vid

  15. evelyn demain says:

    this is SUCH a classic BG post!..by that i mean..so complete, so info packed , no fluff, PLUS a fantastic video. WOOT!

  16. henrik larrsen says:

    we always enjpoy your posts, and this one is especially interesting and informative. thank you so much. i’m sure you have many other fans here in sweden.

  17. rena foster says:

    again…always…..you capture the atmosphere!

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