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French Wine Adventure



A French Wine Adventure is one of the best reasons to visit here. Not the only one bien sur, but certainly, at least in my book “first among equals.” The other equals being food, natural beauty, History, and that other essential “big H” – Hospitality.

As I ranted previously IN THIS POST, one of the great “Treasures Of France” – is the existence of “Cave Co-operatives.” These assocations of local growers,happily ubiquitous in this fair land, give wine lovers the rarest of treats. The chance to taste (and, bien sur, BUY!) great wine that is not regulated by the official A.O.C. system.

Thus under no obligation to restrict their wines to specified varities/quantities, the Cave Co-operative can choose (and blend if it so desires) the best grapes. Giving the wine lover a truly unique French Wine Adventure. A wine that, although not “A.O.C” – truly is a reflection of the place from which it comes. (“Terroir” is how the French describe it.) I just call it “Great Value!”

Another flavor of Adventure in discovering French Wine is to actually join the locals in picking those grapes. As I detailed in THIS POST, you’ll not only meet  the French locals, but the “locals” from all over Europe who travel to participate in this yearly French Wine ritual. Be prepared to  bend over a lot, eat a lot, and, naturally, drink a lot !

The third option is , to be slightly redundant, my “first among equals.” Gliding down the French Country backroads. Caressed by sunshine(often) and soft breezes. (“le mistral” notwithstanding) Pausing at every possibility of a new discovery. However tiny and fleeting.

Sometimes, I even film my French Wine Adventure to share it with you.


What are ya thinkin’?


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29 Responses to “French Wine Adventure”

  1. harper cummings says:

    even without the wine this video would make anyone want to hop a plane immediately. me included!

  2. caril hastings-barr says:

    Yet another in your long line of great videos. Long may you film!
    (and share with us – lol!)

  3. evelyn reston says:

    thanks for another fantastic video!

  4. danny walker says:

    really appreciate your info..particularly on the “cave co-operatives.” look forward to tasting them on my visit this summer.
    many thanks for the heads up!

  5. george walton says:

    maybe you’re tired of hearing this..;but..it is the truth….you DO give us the feeling of “being there” with all your videos. this one is a classic example.

  6. shirley basset says:

    I agree George!……and for me..every one of da bg’s vids is “a classic example!”

  7. edgar hammond says:

    somehow missed the excellent post on the joys of taking part in the harvest..so many thanks for pointing me to it in this post.

  8. foreman alleget says:

    The video alone would have been enough…..but the added info most certainly demonstrates again how you consistently overdeliver. May you continue to entertain AND inform!

  9. carson kylenhurst says:

    you took the words right out of my mouth foreman …..da bg always has some unexpected goodies up his digital sleeve!

  10. rebecca pelosi says:

    Amen, Carson!….and lucky for us!!!

  11. ned pastoris says:

    Once again you prove you are the “go to guy” for french country life info. kudos!

  12. marge possun says:

    this is, of course great…but what was equally interesting for me was your older post “the bg wine tour”……soiunds like a plan…that is if you could spend your entire winter in the south of spain or italy!

  13. carla stevers says:

    hey marge…..i could spend my entire winter dow<n south with no problem…just gotta win the lotta, rob a bank, or marry rich.

  14. jean berkshire says:

    carla…..work on option one, while surfing for option three.

  15. wade lorden says:

    just one word for this post and this video – fabulous!

  16. sandra huffman says:

    really put me in the mood to visit some of those cave co-operatives….hey..who knows!

  17. barbara wintermere says:

    sandra…..it did more than put me in the mood…it got me researching plane fare and travel accomodations!

  18. lindsay deveroe says:

    Sandra……i went one better…MADE a reservation. GOTCHA!

  19. alistair moran says:

    chock full of great info AND a feast for the eyes! _ who could ask for more?

  20. sheila everson says:

    alistair – ME! – i’d like to ask for a way to dive into the video and be there!

  21. rose watson says:

    sheila…i think you need to get a hold of captian kirk and see if there are any old transporter beam machines available.

  22. beverly baston says:

    right on rose!..and hey sheila……..if you connect…please hook me up too!

  23. harry webb says:

    sign me up!!!

  24. bill waters says:

    I’m with harry! – i WANT in ON these adventures!

  25. angela marchesi says:

    been there. done that. before reading this excellent post – but it just brings back the great memories of all i experienced. good on ya!

  26. juan hernandez says:

    you give us good video and very good informations too. i like very much what you give us. thank you.

  27. irene dement says:

    great info and a cool vid – you are spoiling us! KEEP IT UP!

  28. rob zemekis says:

    I like the way you’ve presented the video…without flashy camera movements….

  29. cal worthington says:

    I noticed that too Rob……all that flashy stuff just detracts from the story.

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