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French Wine Climate Crisis


Is there really a French Wine Climate Crisis? And if so – What does it mean for French Wine lovers  Worldwide?

Remember that old song -“There’s got to be a morning after?” – well…that’s sorta how DA BG feels after my LAST POST, which extolled the ecological progressivness of the froggie wino industry.

But, verily, I say unto you, the climate, like the times, certainly be a changing. How much and how quickly are the most obviously important questions.

Maria Doezema, my wino pal in the frozen North(where the climlate never changes) has the liquid disaster scenario details:

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22 Responses to “French Wine Climate Crisis”

  1. kris bevens says:

    looks like climate change is something we all have to deal with!

  2. paula renmore says:

    i see your point about the regional identities dissappearing..but what can be done?

  3. sara brenner says:

    paula…i hear you…..and i think is pretty much the same as what’s happening with regional products all over europe now with paper pushers in brussels homoginizing everything in the name of consistency.

  4. brian luckman says:

    as you’ve stated in he post, i’m wondering how all this will affect AOC. any thoughts readers?

  5. larry branston says:

    hey brian, my take is that whatever the changes, i think AOC will bne able to roll with them.

  6. leslie brennen says:

    hey people..my 2 cents….i think that that brussels will continue to run the show….meaning the AOC designation may not survive the
    “dumbing down.”

  7. anston carter says:

    what many of your readers may not know (tho’ i’m sure you do)…the AOC certification is already being “dumbed down” by such additional classifications as “OGP” (origin geogaphique protégé)- which, to me, is total nonsense. so the region is geographically protected. what relation does this have on the quality of the region’s products? absolutlely none!

  8. wilma bettner says:

    totally agree with you mr carter, although this is the first of heard of this “protected” classification.

  9. stan forsythe says:

    in spite of all the negative predictions here i think the last paragraph pretty well sums it up…..the French have adapted before.
    no reason they’re going to stop now. just sayin’

  10. dave winston says:

    i think the french can get a handle on the climate thing with no problem…..and i have nothing against those “alcholicfruit bombs!

  11. amanda evans says:

    very informative post! and, as you said, 180 away from your last one…which is good..i mean the fact that you always give us both sides of the story!

  12. trish brennen-clark says:

    really..i thik no matter what the climate or the regulations from brussels….the french always seem to find a way. as our cousins down under would say : “no worries!”

  13. randy mentmen says:

    always enjoy your osts on wine..and this is one of the best and most informative!

  14. bart yester says:

    really like the way you try to show all sides of the story…thinkin about the tasmania angle….keep it up!

  15. lena barr says:

    to me this is pretty much a non-story. the last paragraph says as much. climate change. who deals with it? everyone. in every country. in every profession. not up to your usual high standard.

  16. steve cameron-smythe says:

    i agree with lena…climate change is a fact of life affecting us all…..however..her comment not withstanding…i believe it’s helpful and interesting to see how different industries/profession are affected..;and how they’re coping with it.

  17. adele mortensen says:

    very appropriate post for winter!

  18. rand trenner says:

    your wine related posts are appreciated…but i’m longing for more of your personal adventures.

  19. sue makepeace says:

    i’m with ya there 100% rand!

  20. mandy roberts says:

    if i recall correctly you did a post a while back about the french experimenting with underwater wine storage. my point – if the french can innovate like this….no worries about them adapting to climate change!

  21. hazel evers says:

    mandy…your absolutely right. they’ve got the “get go” and then some!

  22. carlson evans says:

    mandy….one small point regarding your choice of the word “innovate”…if i recall that post the french were simply picking up the technique of the ancient romans…..whereas “innovate” gives the impression it was totally their idea.

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