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French Wine Treasure Bonus

Chateauneuf- Bottle-http://bicyclegourmet.com

French Wine Treasure BONUS…..now  what  could that possibly be? After all the up close ‘n personal, been there-done that- wine info I’ve already sent your way?

WWWWell……it’s something so up close ‘n personal…..I never imagined I’d be sharing it……UNTIL I’d done it.

But, Life, as you know all too well dear reader, as a way of re-arranging your priorites. And thus, now – “vous gagnez!” (you win)

As I give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to do what I have always meant to do, but have not yet done,,,,,,,(drum roll…)

BG’s  Ultimate Wine Treasure Tour!

BG - Wine- Tour-/http://bicyclegourmet.com

(disclaimer: This tour is not for the faint of liver.)

You will need a camping car/large van crammed with empty(but not for long)plastic containers.A designated driver/and/or several terabytes of restraint,resistance and resolve.(ie – If you can resist anything except temptation– best to pass on this adventure.)

The Next Step…Start in the South.(Languedoc,Provence)Where the grapes are filled with sugar first.

Next , follow the harvest.(“le Vendange”)

BG - Wine- Tour-/http://bicyclegourmet.com

Arriving at the vigneron’s cellar door in this period, gives you an excellent chance of scoring a “win/win” deal. As the new grapes come in, the old grapes, at”kinfolk price” must go out. Into your waiting containers. And the prevailing festive mood of this event usually results in an invite to chow down/raise a glass or three with the assembled multitude.

This, dear reader, is the “United Nations of Wine.”If you’re lucky enough to get up close n’ personal here, you’ll meet all ages, all lifestyles, from all over.

The curtain falls on this carnival of culture,commerce,history,tradition and merriment
sometime(depending always on the weather,bien sur)around the last two weeks in October ,in Alsace, with the “Vendage Tardive.”(Late harvest.)

These are the grapes destined for sweet wine.Left on the vines as long as possible, to increase their sugar content as much as possible.

OK – let’s say you ARE loaded for wine adventure .Let’s say you do fill you heart, your containers and your digital camera until the last cork is popped. What then?

If you’re not a European(or a zillionaire)shipping gignormous quantities of wine back to East Essex/East Akron is not going to be (ahem)”cost effective” is it?

Where are ya gonna go with a winter’s plus worth o’the best French grape juice? Italy? Spain? Greece? Portugal?  I’m thinkin’……………it could work.

And You?


What are ya thinkin’?

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