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Deep French Life Questions – Part One

Whenever I’m wearing my introspective hat, reflecting on my reason for existance, my contribution to mankind, and, most importantly, of course, who gives a rat’s ass?, my musings inevitably circle those of two great philosophers: One English. The other American. They’ve never met. And they never will. But if they could, i think each would […]

19Feb2011 | | 4 comments | Continued
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French Wealth

France has made me wealthy. Not from the sales of my videos, my photos, my music, my book, or my (coming soon) tee-shirts, mugs, iphone apps, bumper stickers and monogrammed underwear. Nada. We’re talking about another kind of wealth here, folks. The kind you can’t buy. The “up close ‘n personal kind.” Happily, I gots it in […]

15Jan2011 | | 6 comments | Continued
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French Travel Essentials

“Blessed is he with no expectations… for he shall never be disappointed.”  – America’s first French ambassador- (Benjamin Franklin) While I agree with Oscar Wilde’s observation – “Only a fool lives by slogans”–there are some wise words of dead people (like Ben and Oscar, fer instance) that can help us wake up and smell the […]

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