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Bicycle Gourmet’s Photo Workshop Lowdown.

The straight skinny on DA BG’s Photography Workshop Tours is headed your way because of, not suprisingly, this recurring question :  What’s the lowdown on your French Photography Course Workshops?  Glad you asked. No, really. Because with everything in life that sounds too good to be true, there are some truths to be revealed.And with Photo […]

26Feb2021 | | 21 comments | Continued
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France – French Food/Wine/History/ – When NOT to visit.

                When not to visit France for it’s Food Wine/History/Culture France – like milk – has “something for every body.” But, like that classic song we’re all familar with “You can’t always get what you want” – when you want it. So knowning when not to come to […]

8Jan2021 | | 15 comments | Continued
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French Travel Secret REVEALED

    French Travel Secret Revealed  is where I reveal the down side of being DA BG.  Yes, Virginia, there IS  a negative smiley face in my otherwise blissful existence. A subtle frown that creases the face of carefree revelry. Like a wine that is almost perfect, My French Life has a touch of tannin. […]

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