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Donald Trump – America’s Hitler

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Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Muslims and Mexicans are his “inferior races.” Making Americans, by his implication the “Master Race.”

I’m sadden ashamed, and embarassed that Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Because as the resident American here, my European pals look to me to explain/translate/justify the “American Scene.” I tell them what I’m telling you. Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Plain and simple.

In his rallys, he purposely excites and enflames people who you would hope would be resistant to demogoguery. Exorting them to raise their right arms in a confimatory salute. That’s America’s Hitler, folks.

Donald Trump wants to make America “great” again. Though he has yet to define what his vision of “greatness” is. More to the point – “Great” is an empty adjective. Ready willing and able to be populated with whatever “meaning” suits the moment.

Donald Trump is the ugly truth that H.L Mencken’s observation : “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” applies equally to politics.

The worst possible “attributes” any Human being could have – I don’t have to list them, do I? – are front and center in America’s Hitler. Donald Trump. And his “talent”, is to bring out the worst in his audiences.

Donald Trump is a runaway train. With no Cargo. There is nothing in the “freight wagon.” Will Train Trump leave the tracks? Or arrive at it’s preferred destination?

That’s a question only the American people can answer. God bless America.


What are ya thunkin’?

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24 Responses to “Donald Trump – America’s Hitler”

  1. garth branster says:

    the quality of this post confirms you should be writing for time magazine!

  2. reg watson says:

    as an englishman, not directly affected by the american madness, i agree with you 110% and hope there are sufficent americans also revolted by this dangerous meglomaniac.

  3. doris clemmens says:

    totally right on! proves your talent and perception are not limited to happy french affairs

  4. coral anderson says:

    hopefully he’ll get the bullet in the head he so richly deserves!

  5. vi anderly says:

    donald trump brings a new and chilling meaning to the phrase “ugly american.”

  6. pierre leblanc says:

    i am hoping that my american cousins are not going to let this madman have his way.

  7. jim groban says:

    don’t worry pierre….alhto’ it may look hopeless with what you see on the news…..their are thinking americans (I am one)…who will not let this jackass hijack the presidency. je suis charlie!

  8. karl tremain says:

    the USA somehow always seems to proudc chracter who are “larger than life.”
    most of them, like trump, don’t deserve to live – given the damage they do.

  9. donna hlady says:

    your essay, while short, crystalizes the tone of political “debate.” in the U.S.A. president obama said to the republicians: “you created trump.” not so. trump, like hitler, is simply manipulating the emotions of people who don’t know sheepshit from cherries. THEY created trump!

  10. frank andersly says:

    accidents. Fatal accidents, happen everyday. Not impossible that mr; trump could have one is it?

  11. karl tremain says:

    frank….agree frank. not only possible..but HIGHLY desireable!

  12. philippe dupont says:

    it is with much sadness that we in france see a public figure who is clearly an imbecile, and with greter sadness, that so many of american people seem to like him. yes, he is a clown, but a dangerous one….maybe not like hitler….but certainly close enough for this times…

  13. stanford carson clark says:

    monsieur dupont…..your assessment was too kind!

  14. genni graham says:

    BG – you hit the nail on it’s bloated self-promoting head! Why people who you would think had a brai would support this maniac..is truly beyond me.
    God Bless America indeed!

  15. fletcher chrissman says:

    you perception of current events is sugically precise. you encapsulated mr.
    trump and his “policies” perfectly in this sentence: “Donald Trump is a runaway train. With no cargo.”

  16. coral anderson says:

    long may you inform BG§ this is one of your absolute best. (and that’s saying something – considering you NEVER drop the ball!)

  17. vi anderly says:

    While america always seems to produce characters that are “larger than life””,Donald Trump is an example of someone who doesn’t DESERVE a life!

  18. andy brennan says:

    your H.L. menken quote was totally on the money! Sad that the rest of the candidates, while not as “out there” as Mr. Trump, have nothing of substance to offer.

  19. barrie lockton says:

    andy – “nothing of substance” – with ya there….but politics, especially american politics as all about STYLE – not SUBSTANCE!

  20. margot pawson says:

    barrie/andy…can you say: “all sizzle and no steak?”

  21. armond hannder says:

    why is it that buffons rise to the top?

  22. genni graham says:

    armond..the short, and honest answer is…we let them!

  23. karl tremain says:

    i don’t know if i’d go as far to compare trump to Hitler….but he certainly is someone who puts his mouth in gear, before activating his brain.

  24. wilson mattlock says:

    karl…you’re being too kind (and presumptive)….how do you know that Trump’s utterances are not first passing through his brain? (yes, a scary thought i know!)

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