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Donald Trump Was Right!


trump making america grate

Donald Trump was right. The system is rigged. And that’s making it hard for me. Because as the un-appointed expert on all things wild weird, wacky and way out in the Excited States of Paranoia, I’m expected to decipher, explain, and educate.

Being a “one froggie- one vote” Nation – it was a stretch for my French posse to get their heads around the concept of the Electoral College.(Example : Wisconson has four votes.)

More challenging still was the news that Electoral College votes are not, technically, votes. But promises to vote. And that Electors, come inauguration day, can change their vote.

But the real brain twister was my revelation that if an Elector decides to do just that, he/she/it can be: replaced by another who’ll vote “the right way”, fined/and/or sent to jail/and/or(as has happened) receive death threats. (That’s Demoncracy in action – n’est ce pas?)

My froggie chorus chanted: “Mon Dieu!”

Bizarre as that bitter pill was, the worst was yet to come. When I explained that the intent of Alexander Hamilton and his slave owner Bros. (DBA/ “The Founding Fathers”) in creating the Electoral College was to prevent a candidate “unfit” for the office from becoming President, their reaction was: “C’est complétement fou!” (It’s completely crazy!)

The impression I got is that the French(along with a few million others)think that a President-Elect who is not only sexist, but, by his own words, a sexual predator, in addition to being a racist, lying, dishonest, manipulative,narcissistic meglomaniac with the intelligence of an omeba, perfectly fits the Founding Fathers definition of “unfit.”

They also seem to feel that someone who, before the election proclaimed that the Electoral College was: “A disaster for Democracy” is, at best, a hypocrite. (Albiet one who was correct – though not in the sense he intended)

Of course I don’t blame the President Elect for my deciphering difficulties. And, if he knew, he wouldn’t have time to help. What with tweeting his attackers, deciding on the Secret Service rent(they’ll be living “in the tower”) and exchanging bon mots with Comrade Putin – how does he even find time to get his hair done?

During the election campaign, Actor Robert de Niro had some explosive comments about “The Donald.” One being : “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

Christmas is coming Bob. Does Santa have your wish list?

What are ya Thinkin’?

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29 Responses to “Donald Trump Was Right!”

  1. roger watkins says:

    simply one of your finest posts!

  2. clarise lane says:

    with you 110% roger!

  3. stanford carleton says:

    you have a singular talent for combining /conveying factual information in a humorous style. Which drives the point home much more effectively than “straight” factia exposition.

  4. yap svennster says:

    standford…..if i had your (oxford?) education and razor sharp perception
    i would have definitely made the same comment.

  5. bob best says:

    yap…after reading stanford..my comment is: “what he said!”

  6. diane butler says:

    you are so right! and the truth is so sad!

  7. harry winston whyte says:

    diane….”the truth is never simple..or pretty” – Oscar Wilde

  8. kyle martin says:

    you don’t often comment on current events..but one you do..it’s always an exceptional post.

  9. priscilla paris says:

    agreed kyle..but then what ost from da bg isn’t exceptional?

  10. geri walters says:

    i’m down with the other commentors…..i’ve always appreciated da bg’s current events posts…..wish he do more of them!

  11. geri walters says:

    one of my favorites from his current affairs posts is “impeach the pope.” that was just so freakin’ right on!…..and today…..nothing he talks about there has been changed or improved.

  12. candace trumann says:

    with ya there geri..thats one of my favs also…but for me – the one that really stands the test of time (not that impeach the pope doesn’t) is “Wrong Mr. President.”

  13. olive winston says:

    candance..thanks for turnin me on to that post….musta missed it first time around…but i’ve just checked it out….and it’s brillant with a capital “B”!

  14. frank endersly says:

    although this entire post is, as others have commented “exceptional” – for me the icing on the cake is the mast few closing sentences referencing robert de niro.

  15. bob best says:

    i hear ya frank….and i’m wonderin’ how many other folks have the same christmas wish for “the donald” has de niro does?

  16. frank endersly says:

    bob…obviously i can’t speak for “other folks”, but speaking for me : I DO!

  17. bob best says:

    Frank…..me too. in spades!

  18. innes moran says:

    once again you’ve combined the humorous with the horrendous to create another entertaining and thought provoking post!

  19. gerry marsden says:

    as usual..in your lost unusual(but welcome) way…you explain why the united states has become (to use your phrase) “the excited states.”

  20. cassie flocjhart says:

    yout sense of humor shines through regardless of the subject. particularly
    good in this excellent post.

  21. mel geddes says:

    with ya there cassie…da bg’s take on almost everything is with more than a few grains of salt….

  22. dermot carstairs says:

    so mel…given the subject of this post…..he’s probably piled on a container carload of salt?

  23. mel geddes says:

    i would give that a resounding “YES!, dermot!

  24. horace wilson says:

    that tee shirt is genius! because it’s got something for pro and anti trumpers. for the “anti’d” is self-evident. for the pros – it’s just bad spelling!

  25. judy greives says:

    with the reality of someone so completely unqualified to be president becoming president….the only way forward is with humor. and happily – we can always count on da bg for that!

  26. malcomn wainright says:

    if you resonate with the classic cliche: ‘history is written by the winners” – you will doubtless understand that ALL systems are “rigged” they are designed and fueled by the “elite” – the “players at the top” for their
    benefit. full stop.

  27. diane butler says:

    too sad malcomn….but so totally true!

  28. kyle martin says:

    considering you closing sentence, i’m wondering – have you heard from Robert de Niro? (lol)

  29. abby dante says:

    your explanation of the (original) purpose and function of the electoral college is a classic example “just the bare facts” (delivered with maximum humor, of course – but then, the ludicrousness of the “institution” itself provides more than a few chuckles.)

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