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French Coronavirus – Hasn’t Changed The French Spirit


French Coronavirus – Hasn’t Changed The French Spirit. If anything, it’s made it stronger.

With COVID-19 still an unwelcome force to be reckoned with – the French people are showing their spirit and solidarity. They are not, and will not  be beaten down by this invisible invader.

Everywhere, in city and countryside, the outpouring of co-operation and solidarity is constant and increasing. Students voluntering to visit and shop for the elderly. Factory and construction workers given up their personal time to pitch in. And, as I noted in THIS POST, even one of France’s, and the World’s wealthiest private companies, has demonstrated it’s Covid-19 battle comittment

Despite their losses, The French will not only survive Conoravirus. But they, as a nation will emerge even stronger. Having reforged their National Identity through solidarity and self-sacrifice.

Here are three “Treasures of France” which exemplify that identity:

  1. This Village

2. This Landscape.

3. This Historic Wine Region.



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15 Responses to “French Coronavirus – Hasn’t Changed The French Spirit”

  1. many other countries could use a healthy dose of the “french spirit”

  2. Bob Vincent says:

    your selection of videos is a perfect and thoughtful compliment to your timely post. and, as others have noted – very inspirational.

  3. daphne goode says:

    the landscape video confirms that your reportage is not only accurate – but, if anything, understated. incredible beauty!

  4. how rare and gratifying – to see a multimillion dollar private company make a spontaneous contibution to fighting this “invisible enemy.”

  5. Hennie – something that has never happened in the sadly ill-prepared United States. What’s their problem? – Not enough billionaires?

  6. very inspirational post. one of your best.

  7. this post demonstrates not only the french spirit, but your regard and affection for this country. Bravo!

  8. wonderful videos solidifying your expectional post.

  9. quentin – you said it all for me. except to say – thank heaven we have da bg brining us his “from the trenches” reports.

  10. this celebration of the french spirit is a welcome first person perspective
    from someone who truly walks the walk.

  11. great demonstration of solidarty. that other nations seem to lacking. (not mentioning any names!)

  12. angie…would one of those countries you’re not mention have a president with orange hair and a roll on tan?

  13. gerry – are you a lawyer? – because htey never ask questions they don’t know the answers to.

  14. not a lawyer. and definitely not a smooth talker like you. (lol)

  15. ed coppard says:

    your selecftion of videos is totally appropriate, and reflects the love the french people have for their marvelous land. bravo BG!

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