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French Politics – A Royale Encore

<img src=/"segolene-le-pres.jpeg"alt="segolene-lepres.jpeg"/>

The Medium is the Massage

Most Americans will recognize the phrase “No. 2 tries harder” as the advertising blah -blah of that countries second most popular rental car company.

The Queen To Be Dethroned

It could also be an apt mantra for Segolene Royale, failed French presidental candidate in the 2007 elections. In that campaign there was, for the first time in french politics, a genuine “a-ha” moment. The seemingly real possibility that (to paraphrase Popeye) “a woman of the opposite sex” might smash the political “glass ceiling.”

<img src=:"segolene-the-debate.jpeg"alt="segolene-thedebate.jpeg"/>

Alas, tho’ no. 2 did try harder, the power of the Sarko bulldozer was unstoppable. Undaunted(or if daunted, faking it well) Segolene kept on keeping on. Even after Martine Aubry was elected to replace Segolene as First Secretary of the Parti Socialist.

Return Of The Queen To Be

And now, to no one’s suprise, “No. 2 is back.” The big question is: WHY?(other than hubris, bien sur) Although his popularity(that infaillable  indicator of accomplishment) is in the toilet, Sarko and his bulldozer have lost none of their power. They scooped Segolene off the road last time. What makes her think second time will be the charm?

The Road To The Palace

Is there enough genuine dissatisfaction(ie – the “I’ll vote against” kind) to ensure Ms. Royale becomes politically Royal?

<img src=/"segolene-her-message.jpeg"alt="segolene-hermessage.jpeg"/>Is her message, and more importantly – her charisma potent enough to place her in the frontal lobe of froggie voters?

Don’t include her out. But remember, last time, although, granted, there were other candidates, it was basically a two horse race. Segolene and Sarko . Now wake up and smell today’s coffee.

The Competition:

Segolene will also be up against:

1. Martine Aubry, from her own party.

2.(potentially)Francois Holland. Her ex-husband. Also from her own party.

3. Nicolas Hulot. Profiled earlier HERE.

4. Marine LePen. Profiled earlier HERE.

The Plus Side:

Like Nicolas Hulot, Segolene is a Nationally known name/face. Regardless of whether or not her politics rock your boat.  To paraphrase my father’s advice about money – “Popularity isn’t everything. But it’s not nothing either.”

For obvious reasons, Segolene should capture the majority of the female vote.

And, hey – if she believes in miracles – and can transmit that belief to the masses – Sarko had better start packing.

<img src=/"segolene-cheerleader.jpeg"alt="segolene-cheerleader.jpeg."/>

Getting a better grasp on all this now?


What are ya thinkin’?

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6 Responses to “French Politics – A Royale Encore”

  1. silvia mattersly says:

    if she gets in…i’m wondering if we’ll see a flurry of tee-shirt’s proclaiming: “a woman’s place is in the palace?”

  2. bettina reimer says:

    hilary could’nt do it…even with all the big bucks behind her. so, my take would be that ms royale is going to need a lot of luck, and/or some great misfortune to befall one(or more) of the other contenders.

  3. phillipe dupont says:

    Segolene may not have the strength of big business behind her, but she possesses an invaluable asset M. Sarkozy is lacking. Hope.

    Hope for a better future. And i believe it is this, plus the fact she is not the puppet of big money, that will aid her cause even further.

    As with all things – time will tell.

  4. horace withers says:

    no woman is ever gonna be a president of any country! and you know it! stop wasting time and space with this malarky!

  5. julia rittner says:

    In contrats to your reader Mr.Withers – I’m waiting anxiously for more of your “malarky.”

  6. barry dennison says:

    As you as well know – every political race is “up for grabs”, and regardless of the sex of the candidates!

    don’t forget : “it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings.”

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