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LVMH attacks Cornona Virus

LVMH attacks Cornona Virus

Usually they make luxury stuff like this:




Now they’re making necessary stuff like this:

And, best of all, for free.

“THEY” are the monolithic Luxury goods monster – LVMH. Home to spendy brands like Dior, Givency, Guerlain and Louis Vitton.

And lets not forget the World’s most expensive wine – Chateau  d’ Yquem. 

A wine(sadly) not even Da Bg has tasted. (So far)

LMVH is stepping up to the plate to do their part in protecting the french from the ever spreading coronavirus, by, as of today, shifting gears in the perfumieries of Dior, Givency and Guerlain, to produce hydroalcoholic gel.

Which they’ll distribute, for free to French hospitals.

As you’re no doubt aware(and if not now you are) hydroalcoholic gel is the most effective preventive measure thus far in the attempt to halt the spread of coronavirus.

This a doubly good news for french hospitals. Because although they haven’t yet run out of their HC gel supply,it was getting low.

Now, all French hospitals, as well as 39 teaching hospitals will have a new, and hopefully, continuing supply.

Here’s the word straight from the (luxury)”Horse’s Mouth”:

“LVMH intends to help address the lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the virus. LVMH will continue to honor this commitment for as long as necessary.

Though this initiatve LVMH plans to adress the lack of product in france and enable a greater number of people to take the right action to protect themselves from this virus.”


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