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Paris Attacks – The Take Away

Paris Attacks – The Take Away

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The take way from the terrible Paris attacks is not that there are people who want to kill you because you don’t believe in their fairytale.

We’ve always had ”those people.” And the majority of these crazed killers are connected to Religion. (Royalty and Government usually being the ”supporting players.”)

Remember :

The ”’Crusades ? Christianity’s (unsuccessful) attempt to get the Arab World to bow down before the ”one true God ?”

The Hundred Years War between England and France ?

The Albigensian Crusade – A 20 year ”campaign” to snuff out the Cathar religion in France which culminated in the massacre of all the inhabitants of the town of Beziers. (pro –” bez-e-a”) 

”Our men spared no one, irrespective of rank, sex or age, and put to the sword almost 20,000 people. After this great slaughter the whole city was despoiled and burnt.”

Papal legate, the Abbot of Citeaux Arnaud Amalric, (from his letter to Pope Innocent 3.)

And today, when we’re rightly horrified each time a hostage is decapitated in prime time, never forget Charlemange, the ”Holy” Roman Emperor, decapitated 4000 Saxons in a single day.

To demonstrate to the remaining Saxons that Catholicism was the tribe for them . (Note : the remaining Saxons did get , and act upon, the message.)

Bottom Line : Crazy people who want to kill you, regardless of their motivation, have always been, and will always be, with us.

The Principal take away from the horrific Paris attacks is that civil liberties are the first casualities in a crisis. (Americans : can you say : ”Patriot Act ?”)

Example : Demonstrations (they’re called ”manifestations” here) against the current International Climate conference in France have been forbidden.

Yes, ”agitators/terrorists” could inflitrate the demonstration. But then, that’s a reality with any demonstration is it not ?

Other than throttling freedom of expression, (ie -”Liberty ”) is not the unspoken sub text here that given the massive security deployment at the conference, the Forces of law lack the confidence they could control an unruly crowd ?

The Environmentalists reponse to the Governments action was to place their shoes, in their place, in the Place du Republic. In effect, creating ”place holders for freedom of expression.”


Take Away : Your liberty is conditional. You have it on the conditions that your government feels it warrants. They can, and, will, take it away whenever it suits them.

By nuking your demonstration. Or the less visible, but more insidous ”security measures ”

Like tapping your phone, reading your email and/or surfing your bank account.

Winston Churchill once said : ”The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Got vigilance ?



What are ya Thinkin’ ?

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20 Responses to “Paris Attacks – The Take Away”

  1. doris clemmens says:

    as good as your usual posts about the many treasures of france are….when you write on current affairs…especially French ones with Global implications…..you are t the top of your game!

  2. genni graham says:

    doris….you said everything i wanted to say even before i could imagine how to express it. thank you!..and a bigger merci beaucoup to da bg!

  3. sharon marks says:

    a post as arresting and interesting as your opening image. right freakin on bg!

  4. trevor hows says:

    your reminder that relgion is often a liscence to …no..make that an EXCUSE to kill…is indeed timely.

  5. john willims says:

    you’re entirely correct about liberty being conditional. a much needed wake-up call for all who believe we (in the united states) live in a “free” country!

  6. vi anderly says:

    while others have made your point with regard to religion and murder – you very correctly noted the “joined at the hip” connection between religion, royalty and government.

  7. carl stavers says:


    question : if you put those “big three” – religion/royalty and government together what have you got?

    answer: freemasons!

  8. stanford carson clark says:

    your perception of events, and your read of their signifigance are most impressive; and most appreciated.

  9. frank andersly says:

    a post that truly gets you thinking about the implications of this horrible act. well done!

  10. barbara billy says:

    as other have commented earlier – you have presented the long view of this tragedy….

  11. errol danst says:

    absolutely barabara….and one that effects virtually every country – not just france.

  12. cynthia porter-clarke says:

    while it’s no suprise to most of us that religion has been responsible for most of the bloodshed in history (and history is still being written, of course) your fact regarding charlemange was particularly chilling. and telling.

  13. joe dobish says:

    you got that right cynthia. religion is just another way to control and enslave people. check out george carlin’s video – “religion is bullshit”
    (just google it)

  14. merle watson says:

    joe – i’ve seen that video….not only is it hilarous…it’s totally on the money with the facts.

  15. caitlin overton says:

    merle and joe – with ya there!..and let me add that carlin makes the same solid points as da bg. – but without the specific examples, of course.

  16. harvey wallace says:

    i wonder how many of your readers have registered the name of the pop who rodered the slaughter at bezier? Pope “innocent.”

  17. brenda brian says:

    harvey – well observed. and that, for me,that’s the ultimate in religious hypocrisy!

  18. alastair winthrop says:

    your last question is so relevant…and paradoxical….as we live in a world where electronic vigilance is everywhere….but the majority of it…is not controlled by we, the people.

  19. fenton dyson says:

    alastair – all the more reason for citizens to be vigilant!

  20. robert kinkaid says:

    fenton – agreed….but to be vigilant.;we must arm ourselves…

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