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Pope Benedict – Our Wake Up Call

Imagine for a moment, dear reader, that you are the universally respected CEO of a Multi-National Corporation. You’re written up in” Who’s Who”. You give big bucks to charity. You are, in the words of that old song ” a well respected man about town, doing the best things so conservatively.”

But, imagine also, that you not only know you have employes who are raping children in your firm, that you not only move them from location to location to avoid tarnishing your corporate image, but that you also send out a memo warning that anyone who raises this subject, will be fired. And, finally, imagine that some snoopy newspaper reporter uncovers your slimy secret and blasts it throughout the media.

Free Room n’ Board

Would you be led away in handcuffs? Would you facing charges? Would you be held accountable for your actions? The answer, of course, is a big “ya-sure-you-betcha.” But not for Joseph Ratzinger/pka/Pope Benedict. Why – because  HE’S HOLY!

Imagine again you get drunk and shoot somebody. Are ya gonna be needin’ a good lawyer?  That would be a big “10-4”, would it not?

But, if you were a diplomat – you’d walk. Why? – Because you’ve got diplomatic immunity! Wanna bring in a kilo o’ mad cow disease in your “diplomatic pouch.” Not a problem. Customs can’t open it. For the same reason.

The Cold Breath of what is

People, we’re not gonna change the results of these pieces of squirrel dookie anytime soon. The power structures are just too big, too well entrenched. But what we can, and do need to change, is our attitude  toward both political and moral immunity. We need to stop granting exceptions to those who use the word “Holiness” as a shield against  criticism and accountability. Pope Benedict’s own Bible says : “Beware of false prophets.” Hey, Mr. B, I’m down with that. What about you?

The Bible  has something else relevant to say, as  Gwendolyn, one of my readers commented after my last article “Impeach the Pope.”Gwendolyn : “The Bible says : ‘By their actions ye shall know them. Now we all know Pope Benedict.'”

The bottom line folks : It does’nt matter what you “believe” or how you dream about yourself, the world knows(and judges) you by your actions!

Holy Non-Intervention

What action  has Pope Benedict taken to aid the victims of the pedophile priests? What concrete steps has he taken to ensure future occurances are minimized? What honesty/contrition has he displayed for his 20 year role as a protector of pedophiles? (Does the word “stonewalling” ring a bell here?)

Even Bill Clinton came clean. Eventually. And after the fact. “I did it for the worst possible reason…….because I could.”

Pope Benedict is doing it for the same reason. The difference is, he does’nt have the cojones(and you thought I only spoke two languages?) to admit it. Now that’s hubris!

“Is this the Real life..or just Fantasy?”

The sad reality of life, as you are only too aware, dear reader, is that there are two classes of humans. Those who must obey the law. And those who are above the law. The “aboves”, occupy their position by virtue, of wealth, privilege, “connections”, and “Holiness.” Not a lot we can do about the rich, powerful and priviliged. But we can, and should, regard “Holiness” for what it Truly is. A word used to escape responsibility. Don ‘t go there!

Give the Guy a Break?

Some  moan  and wail that we should have compassion for  Sig. Ratzinger and his “Holy” posse, that we should extend consideration and respect in this “difficult situation.” EXCUSE ME…..DIFFICULT? …..for the Pope?……..Talk to the abuse survivors in Ireland. Talk to the abuse survivors in America. Talk to the abuse survivors in  Benedict’s native Germany. They’ll tell you about “difficult” with a capital “D!.”


And respect? Maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m not cool, maybe I did just fall off the back of a turnip truck, but my Daddy told me that “respect is EARNED, not given. Do Pope Benedict’s actions deserve our respect? Or a summons to appear in court?

Seasonal Squirrel Dookie

And now, Easter is upon us. Pope Benedict’s mumbo-jumbo machine goes into high gear. More “profunde and sincere” wishes for peace, compassion and understanding. A supertanker full of Holy hypocrisy at his giant “pep rally” in St. Peter’s square. The “faithful” raptourously devouring every word from a protector of pedophiles. Meanwhile, his pr team wax eloquently(that’s what they’re paid for) about “cleansing ” the church.

Time, dear reader, to “cleanse ourselves” of “Holiness?”


What are ya thinkin’?

p.s. – More on this sordid subject by a much better writer can be found here

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2 Responses to “Pope Benedict – Our Wake Up Call”

  1. bob gordon says:

    Your excellent article left out the word “hypocrisy.” Pope Benedict and his ilk, are the classic definitions of this adjective.

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