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Sarko’s 9/11


While my non-French readers are aware that the first round of Presidential elections kick off this coming Sunday, there is a disturbing (to say the least) “back story” here which, to my knowledge, has not reached the “Outside World.”

It is a (true) story of monumental deception, collusion, hypocrisy, betrayal, abuse,assassination, death and political manouevering. One that has implications for the people of every Western “Democracy.”

I’ve been preparing to bring it to your attention. But I discovered another journalist who beat me to it. His name is Joe Quinn.

And while the first few sentences of his report will seem like some  wacko”conspiracy theory” –  stick with him. Because what he reveals(quoting sources) is not theory, but fact. The cold, very hard kind.

Warning : Joe’s reportage is not a quick read. But it  is an important one. As in – “read it more than once.”

Sorry I couldn’t bring you a sunshine-filled happy adventure this time.





What are ya thinkin’?




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25 Responses to “Sarko’s 9/11”

  1. brad gottner says:

    absolutely chilling! Unbelievable that all this is been swept under the carpet!

  2. anthony westerlin says:

    B.S.! – this IS a “waco conspiracy theory.”

  3. carol anderson says:

    quite a departure – to say the least – from your usual! but, as you said, very important. thanks for putting us the know!

  4. alice retner says:

    Terrifying to realize how much goverbments lie, cheat and kill to further their own selfish personal interests.

  5. ken dalmanster says:

    alice – agreed..and equally terrifying to accept the truth that there is no “freedom of the press.” otherwise this would be common knowledge!

  6. cal worthington says:

    This information has disturbing concurences with the america’s 9/11 that go beyond the shock/horror of the event. Clearly there was not only massive manipulation of the press in that instance, but omissipons and outright lies.

  7. barry everton says:

    i hear ya cal! – and i wonder how many of our european cousins even realize that there were 3, not two towers( “the twin towers) involved in 9/11.

  8. trish masters says:

    barry – you forgot to mention (tho’ i’m sure you probably know) that the third tower was NEVER hit by a plane…..and mysteriously demolished itself in 6.5 seconds……as can be seen in the many videos circulating online. (also not a “wacko conspiracy theory)

  9. trevor luatens says:

    sadly – no suprises here….politics is has always been dirty business. always will be.

  10. joe bob barnett says:

    Like 9/11, Dallas, Oklahoma Federal building, we’ll never know the whole story behind this until someone with a guilty conscience finally spills his/her guts.

  11. candi stanford says:

    too true joe bob….but by then we’ll probably all be in our wheelchairs, with hearing aids and feeble eyesight!

  12. guillaume laurent says:

    as a french person, i am very shock by this thing. yes, it has been reported in some journal here…but for the big papers and tv
    it does not exist. so, just to say, that french people should remember we have the same problem as other country, like usa, like china where the politic control all.

  13. paul stavers says:

    something like this makes you wonder just how much of what we accept is “truth”…….is manipulated to this extent.

  14. carolyn guenter says:

    you hit the nail on the head paul!….how often are we lied to by those in power?

  15. marvin brimmage says:

    reading the election results from france it seems that not even this incredible deception was enough to keep m. sarkozy in power.

  16. ellen winters says:

    You’re right BG – this is a very important post….and thank you for turnin us on to Joe Quinn….another excellent no b.s. reporter!

  17. remi maurrano says:

    here in italy we have been used to this corruption every day… very sad;;;but for us, not new.

  18. terrance constant says:

    As disturbing as this story is, it re-inforces the need for an ombudsman in addition to a reform of the so called “news media.

  19. connie dementer says:

    of the many telling points joe makes in this report…for me one of the most is the fact that the powers that be sent in the “ékill first ask questions later” team, rather than the “hostage neogiator team.”

  20. carl montrose says:

    I hear ya Connie – just like Obama with Bin Laden.

  21. annie prudentensa says:

    a P.S. for everyone here regarding Carls’s comment, DA BG wrote an excellent post on the Bin Laden murder entitled “Wrong – Mr. President.”

  22. stephen westerly says:

    It was Lord Acton : “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  23. michael crits says:

    you’re right – not a happy story…but a very necessary one. too bad it was’nt brought to light earlier.

  24. walter calvin says:

    with ya michael…..but what difference would it have made?

  25. andrea mitchell says:

    i really do appreciate you turning us on to this info….and it is important…..but…..can we have a sunny funfilled adventure next time?

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