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Strauss Kahn – Speed Bumps On The Palace Road

In my last post, I said that if Dominique Strauss Kahn decides to throw his hat(or whatever else he may be in the mood to toss) into the “I-wanaa-be-President” ring, no one could stop him.

While I’m not changing that rant, DSK will, nonetheless have to (successfully) negotiate several speed bumps on the road to the Presidental palace.


His (she says) close relationship with Martine Aubry. Current leader of the Socialist Party. (“Parti Socialist”, here in the land of adjective after the noun.) She being the party’s current choice for the French throne.


Every other political opponent. particularly The National Front’s Marine LePen. Who will doubtless make much political hay of the fact that all the Male members of the Socialist tribe knew of “The Great Seducer’s” behind closed doors “escapades”, and chose to keep their little lips sealed.


The outraged French. That portion of, as they say here, “le Grand Public” who feel that Strauss Kahn deserved to stay in Riker’s Island. And that , accordingly, his occupation of the Elysee Palace would be a large and unslightly pîmple on the International face of France.


The outraged politicians who are not running for office. All will be putting in their(suprise, suprise) negative assessments of DSK’S (lack og good) behaviour. The latest being former prime Minister Michel Rocard. Who, while lauding Strauss Kahn’s abilites, lamented that he found him “mentally ill.”

BUMP FIVE – The Legal Challenges.

As unfortunate as it may be for the many Women DSK has “loved”, in circumstance they were not totally thrilled with, the massive financial muscle of the DSK machine(uh….that would be….wifey’s bankroll?) will ensure that the only bars her hubby will have to contend with are the ones that serve Chivas Regal on the rocks.

And, bien sur, this legal mumbo jumbo, could, and probably will drag on until everyone concerned is in a wheelchair.

The damage here for Straus Kahn will be the immediate negative publicity from the former “lovers.” Sure – “circumstantial evidence/heresay/rumours.” In other words – perfect ammunition for innuendo. The preferred stiletto of all politicans – n’est ce pas?

BUMP SIX – The Wild Card

There’s one in every pack. The one you never expected. The one that changes the game. What could it be in Strauss Kahn’s case? An unfortunate leak of information? A “whistle blower” dis-enchanted with “Team DSK?” A definitive “smoking gun” from The Great Seducer’s …ahem….”checkered” past?

It’s the greatest show on earth, folks. And the next act  in this circus…

hey……it’s unfolding as we speak!

Are you not thrilled?


What are ya thinkin’?


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22 Responses to “Strauss Kahn – Speed Bumps On The Palace Road”

  1. walter amarens says:

    Probably the shortest and most complete assessment of strauss kahn’s french political possibilities. If every commentator was as succint as you, doubtless we’d all have many more hours in the day!

  2. stacy nazara says:

    see where you’re going with this post…but i think DSK is savvy enough to realize all this, and for that reason will accept a background role. I think he can see that after his USA episode, running for the top job would be political suicide; And that’s MY rant! (lol)

  3. barry kramer says:

    this guy is a total dirtbag and deserves to stay on riker’s island!that’s what i’m thinkin’!

  4. madeline albright says:

    Very perceptive of you to include “the wild card.” As you rightly say, there always is one.

  5. ward batterson says:

    all well and good, your observations. but at the end of the day, any political contest is a crap shoot. all the predictions and forecasts are just so much blah blah.

  6. virgil hunnicut says:

    I agree with you ward. just so much blah blah. enough already!

  7. helen procellin says:

    With regard to your commentators who think this is just so much “blah, blah” – perhaps they need a visit from the “re-education squad?”

  8. umberto grapelli says:

    If you think French politics is a 3 ring circus…..here in Italy we have at least 6 rings!…..and our very own sex scandal with our President……much better than sex scandal with someone who just wants to be a President!

  9. xavier retif says:

    Every card in the political game is a “wild card.”

  10. corin brekson says:

    I am not thrilled….but I am appreciative of the way you give us an informed front row seat this continuing circus!

  11. irene applebaum says:

    In spite of it’s reputation for being a sexually liberal society, France is also a very Catholic country. So, I would be very suprised if that segment of the population would support
    “the great seducer.”

  12. al linzbo says:

    I agree with your “blah, blah” commentators. This is just another example of money, power and connections. And which criminal winds up running the show is immaterial. Because THE SHOW (for all of us without money/power:connections) doesn’t change. It just gets worse!

  13. orville dickerson says:

    right on al!

  14. melanie forester says:

    Ok..so this guy got off because he could buy his way out…
    but he’s still a scumbag! french people are smart enough to see that aren’t they?

  15. joe blipsch says:

    I’m thinkin’ if you commentators didn’t have this crap to blah blah about…you’d be out of a job!

  16. gwen makepeace says:

    Joe, it’s obvious you don’t read DA BG regularly…..or you’d realize that he rarely comments on this type of “crap.”

  17. shirley basset says:

    As usual – an excellent post. However, you did’nt address the (to me) obvious question : “Why did his Wife not only stick by him, but pony up all the cash for his defence?

  18. wendy iverson-clark says:

    Shirley, I’m thinking the same thing. Ok – love, fine, great excuse for everything. But, as the old saying goes: “Love is blind.” So Ms, Sinclair has to have a “love” problem NOT to see/hear what the rest of the World(including her friends) do.

  19. drew parsons says:

    Wendy – Anne Sinclair is this year’s Hilary Clinton.

  20. monique latellier says:

    here in france we have unfortunately a long history of women looking the other way as far as what men do. a big difference to what you have in the usa i think.

  21. freeman genner says:

    DSK is just the latest in the long line of sex crazed pôliticans who use their power and influence to do what they otherwise couldn’t. Tragic. But not new.

  22. gerry autry says:

    i agree freeman….and though you did’nt say it….i’m sure you’ll agree, that DA BG’s style makes even the old and tragic
    worth reading.

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