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The DSK Blackberry Mystery



The DSK  BlackBerry Mystery has not been solved. And, odds are, it never will be. Which is sad, because it’s one of the best. And who doesn’t love a good mystery now and then? (hint : DA BG do!)

Practically no-body, if we believe the statistics. (Those figures that never lie, except when quoted/created by politicians.) They tell us we love mysteries so much, that the No. 2 best selling Fiction Author of all time is……wait for it….Agatha Christie! Second only to another crumpet-chomper named “Shakespeare.”

Alrighty then – with that fascinating factoid under our literary belts, let’s get back to the Mystery of DSK’s Blackberry.

You’ll no doubt recall that it was a large(not white) lie by a Sofitel employee that the missing phone had been found, that enabled New York’s finest to snag the great seducer at the airport.

But, beyond that, and the fact that DSK called his Daughter, asking her to return to their luncheon resturant to search for it, the disappearance of DSK’ s Blackberry remains a mystery tightly wrapped in an enigma or three.

My fellow scribblers Edward Epstein and Paolo Passeri attempt to unwrap it for us:

“The account of Mr. Epstein tells that, the morning of May, the 14th, DSK had received a text message from Paris from a woman friend temporarily working as a researcher at the Paris offices of the UMP, Sarkozy’s political party. The message warned him that at least one private e-mail he had recently sent from his BlackBerry to his wife, had been read at the UMP offices in Paris. It is unclear how the UMP offices might have received this e-mail, but if it had come from his IMF BlackBerry, he had reason to suspect he might be under electronic surveillance in New York.

At 10:07 AM he called his wife in Paris on his IMF BlackBerry, telling her of his problem. He asked her to contact a friend who could arrange to have both his BlackBerry and iPad examined by an expert. An exam that would never happen for his Blackberry…

The call records show that DSK used his IMF BlackBerry for the last time at 12:13 PM to tell his Daughter Camille he would be late for lunch. This happened approximately 7 minutes after the maiden entered his room, which occurred at 12:06 PM according to Hotel key records, and most of all after the controversial encounter, likely occurred in this Time Interval, which is still a matter of dispute.

DSK realized his IMF BlackBerry was missing only nearly two hours later, at 14:15 PMwhile going to the Airport in taxi. At the beginning he believed he had left the cellphone to the Restaurant and immediately called his daughter (with a spare mobile phone) asking her to go back there for a check. The footage at the Restaurant shows that she effectively went there looking for the lost object. Of course she was not able to find it and at 14:28 PM she sent him a message indicating she could not find it.

At 15:01 PM, while approaching the airport, DSK was still attempting to find his missing phone, calling it from his spare with no answer. According to the records of the BlackBerry company, the IMF device had been disabled at 12:51 PM.

At 15:29 PM, he called the hotel from the taxi, indicating his room number and giving a phone number, so that he could be called back, in case his phone was found.

Thirteen minutes later he was called back from a hotel employee who was in the presence of a police detective. The hotel employee falsely told him that his phone had been found and asked where it could be delivered. DSK told him that he was at JFK Airport and that he had a problem since his flight left at 4:26 PM. He was reassured that someone could bring it to the airport in time, so he gave her the Gate and Flight number which allowed the police to call DSK off the plane and take him into custody at 4:45 PM.”

Read More HERE


What are ya thinkin’?

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16 Responses to “The DSK Blackberry Mystery”

  1. fred reiner says:

    just when we thought DSK couldn’t possibly have any more “new value”…..

  2. denise worton says:

    if all this is tur…DSK has only himself to blame…….(as usual!)

  3. al brady says:

    couldn’t agree with you more denise….especially usuing the phone he suspected of being hacked to call his wife to arrange for the same phone to be checked……thus tipping off his opponents(if we are to believe his version of events)

  4. summer dennis says:

    they all need to go to jail as far as i’m concerned!

  5. stan waters says:

    hey..enough of DSK!

  6. bob rastin says:

    with ya stan – why waste space on this dirtbag!

  7. linda parsons says:

    interesting to see such a wide range of opinions here.

  8. rick stevenson says:

    as you say…it is a mystery…..but not the only one surrounding this guy

  9. barry enders says:

    what’s fascinating to me here – that no one lese has commented on that i can see – is speculation as to what the contents of the phone were…why it was so important…..and to who?

  10. ambrose barr says:

    yes, barry, interesting point….the first thing that comes to mind, of course would the sensitive financial data that surely must reside on that chip….

  11. barry enders says:

    totally agree ambrose….not to mention deeails of the arrangements of DSK’s other “liasons (now) dangeroux”…which seem to be haunting him in the carleton affair at the moment….

  12. sophie birbaum says:

    i think it’s disgusting that DSK gets so much press! – although i must say DA BG makes it almost palatable with his info and humour.

  13. conrad adments says:

    really bg – this barely qualifies as “french news”

  14. morris amberson says:

    too bad agatha christie isn’t around…..she could have made a whole series outa “the great seducer.”

  15. janis maitland-spence says:

    hey morris…some suggested agatha christie titles : “Miss Marpole Meets The Great Seducer” , “The Scumbag Of Bagshot Manor”,”And Then There Was Dirtbag.”

  16. dennis porter says:

    janis…..good to see literary imagination is not dead!

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