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The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France



The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France is not dead or diminished. It hasn’t been broken by the inHuman terrorist attacks. It glows and pulses. From Brittany to Corsica. It echoes through the bars and brasseries. Through office towers and supermarkets. It’s message is clear, proud and forceful : ”We refuse fear. ”

Yet, there are those in any crisis who will chose fear. Who will choose to live each moment of their lives dreading when and where the next bomb will go off.

But they are not the majority.Those who refuse fear know, to use my Father’s folksy phrase – ”You never know when you’re going to go.” Terrorism ? Car accident ? Heart attack ? Makes no difference does it ? The end result is the same.

And so, those who have chosen life – go on living it. While the fearful feed their paranoia. Much to the terrorist’s delight.

I’m often asked : ” When is the best time to visit France ?” My answer, always the same, has even more gravity after the events of November 13 : ”Whenever you’re ready.” France is.

See you in 2016 ?

Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good life.


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12 Responses to “The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France”

  1. doris clemmens says:

    and to you bg! looking forward to more from you in 2016!

  2. karl tremain says:

    your spirit surely echoes your french comrades…well done!

  3. sharon marks says:

    we can’t be reminded too often that fear is the terrorists greatest weapon.

  4. alastair winthrop says:

    again you bring the light of reason to a situation where too many see on ly darkness.

  5. brenda brian says:

    refusing fear is truly the onl option in the face of this barbarism. than ks for all you’re doing.

  6. alan moran says:

    late getting to this exceptional post…..you’ve really nailed it..AGAIN!

  7. ford whiser says:

    ditto alan..somehow this slipped by me…..but i’m glad i didn’t let it get away. bravo Da BG!

  8. ollie myrus says:

    thanks for remining us that no one can break your spirit!

  9. igo levi says:

    ollie…and may i add..Tres Fort…the spirit of france!

  10. errol danst says:

    it’s posts like this that remind us how lucky we are to have you. long may you write. and, hey happy new year!

  11. alastair winthrop says:

    your prose, as always,is as achingly descriptive as your message is appropriate.

  12. frank andersly says:

    well said alastair….Da Bg is not simply a blogger..he is an essayist of the first order..and a perceptive chronicler of our times.

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