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What I’m Against

After he released his song”41 shots”, the story of a man who was shot 41 times by the police, “New York’s finest” refused to work security at Bruce Springsteen’s concerts; accusing “The Boss” of being “anti-police.” Mr. Springsteen’s reply : “I’m not anti-police. I’m anti-murder.”

Following my recent article “Impeach the Pope”, I was accused of being “Anti-religion.” I’m not anti religion. I’m anti-stupidity. Anti-oppression. Anti-insanity. I don’t care what your fairy tale is. If you “believe” your life can only be guided by God, Jehovah, Allah or the Pillsbury Dough Boy – more power to ya! But when, and if, you attempt to impose your beliefs on me, even to the point of murder(Think “The Crusades.” ),well, then, dear reader, my panties do get into a knot.

But, sadly, Religion and it’s enforcing body, the church, is not about “let’s all be happy and live in peace.” It’s M.O. is:”Do what we say, when we say it, in the way we tell you to do it….and we will guide you to peace and happiness.”(Otherwise, you’ll rot in Hell. Or, for Californians – Stockton.)

The unvarnished truth(And isn’t that the best kind?) is that the church is, has been, and always will be, like the Army, a refuge for misfits, deviants and control freaks who could’nt get arrrested anywhere else. Like attracts like – Right? Our club, our clothes, our rituals. If ya want in- gotta play by our rules.

So now we have a Pope who’s said that condoms will worsen the African aids situation, Women will never be priests, and “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” is the morally correct solution to pedophile priests. HHHHHHHello? Do you detect a brain here? Capable of reason, logic and watching the 10 O’clock news? Do you detect a “Leader”  with his finger firmly  on the pulse of “Now?” A  Leader who “walks the talk” of his high spiritual/moral blah-blah?

The good news is that Pope Benedict does not have his finger on “the red button.” The bad news is that he can potentially do just as much damage to the lives of those who hang on his every “Holy word.”(You’ll notice, and, I hope appreciate, that I resisted the temptation  to ask just where the Pope does have his finger.)

But, when you cast a backward glance through the blood-stained pages of Papal History, our Benedict is almost the Poster boy for Popedom, compared to some of his ancient brothers.

Pope Pious 12(1939-1958)

An anti-semite and racist who wanted to ensure the church remained a “power player” during WW2, Eugenio Pacelli was nicknamed “Hitler’s Pope.” And, did he hang with Mussolini’s posse? Absolutely!

Pope Julius 3 (1550-1555)

A gay Pope who appointed his 17-yr old lover Cardinal.

Pope Leo 10(1513-1521)

Bankrupted the papacy in just two years with his(need we say) “extravagant lifestyle.” To make ends meet, he sold off papal furnishings and liscensed brothels.

Alexander 6 (1492-1505) (another)Borgia Pope

Alexander, from the (justly) infamous Borgia dynasty, Father of Lucrezia(the lady renowned for her unique cocktails) was appointed a Cardinal at the age of 25, by his Uncle, Pope Calixtus 3. True to the family business, he ascended the ladder to the Papal palace in the accepted way. Bribing,and appointing to Cardinal anyone useful.Including his Son, and the teenage Brother of his mistress. Naturally, (because he was in Rome) he particpated in orgies. And, just as natural, for a Borgia, arranged many murders. Including his daughter’s husband.

Pope Steven 7 (896-897)

Hands down, History’s kinkiest Pope. For some reason, Pope Steve had it in for his predecessor, a gentlemen with the ungainly name of Formosus. So, He had his corpse, dug up and put on trial. After the inevitable verdict(uh…that would be……guilty?) three of his fingers(the “blessing” ones) were hacked off and his body dumped in the Tiber. You’ll notice that Pope Steven was only around for a year. Could’nt have been that popular, as he was later imprisoned and strangled.

“Insanity is repeating the same thing, and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Hey folks, it does’nt take an Einstein to realize that 2000 plus years of this insanity is enough – do it?


What are ya thinkin’?

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