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Best Amazon Kindle Online Self Publishing Course



Best Amazon Kindle Online Self Publishing Course – may, at first seem a little, shall we say “off topic” for DA BG. Accustomed as you are to having him regale you (and hopefully inform) with his French Country Travel Life Adventures.

However, as you, my faithful are no doubt aware, I am also an Author. The “smoking gun”being “More Than a Year in Provence – Endless Tour de France Travel.”

This collection of (some) of my memorable meetings with remarkable people on the French Country Backroads was sent forth into the World without extensive knowledge of the “self publishing infastructure.” No, I was not a “promotional virgin”, but in retrospect I was not totally clued in to subtle nuances that go into Self Publishing Success.

That all changed recently When I delved into a Self Publishing Course ever so modestly labelled “Best Amazon Kindle Online Self Publishing Course”, which I imagined at the outset was just for “newbies.”  Not so Kemo Sabe.  There was much there that had never crossed my radar. So much so, that I shared that revelation with the writers community on Google Plus.

And so much so Im sharing this for all you aspiring Authors in da audience:


What are ya thinkin’?

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