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French Travel Essentials

Blessed is he with no expectations… for he shall never be disappointed.”

 – America’s first French ambassador- (Benjamin Franklin)

While I agree with Oscar Wilde’s observation – “Only a fool lives by slogans”–there are some wise words of dead people (like Ben and Oscar, fer instance) that can help us wake up and smell the coffee! Going back to Ben, if we are truly free of expectations,that freedom brings us spontaniety. And spontaneity opens the door to the possibility of unimaginable adventure/life experience. That’s why I travel by bicycle! OK–it’s healthy exercise,non polluting,energy efficient, you stop and go when you want,go where cars can’t,meet more people,yada,yada yada…. But those are effects of the reason. NOT the reason itself. (Are ya with me here?…or am I getting too DEEP?)


If you can, as my English friends say “take that on board”….hang onto yer perceptions…..”cus…now we’re going to THE NEXT LEVEL! Where we discover that the “wisdom of non-expectation” is related to and part of two other fundmental “cosmic truths.” (ok it’s “new agey”….but the best description)They are : “The Law Of Reverse Effort”, and “The Stupidity of Bright Future-Speak.”

You’ve experienced both. Many, many times. When you’re trying to solve a problem, make an important decision,and you concentrate on it with all your resources……..and get nowhere. Then,when you “give up”, go for a walk, make yourself a coffee, the “answer” smacks you alongside the head. That’s –The Law of Reverse Effort! ie –the harder you “try”the further away you get. But when you “lose” the expectation of the solution. It finds you. “The Stupidity of Bright Future-Speak.” This one is a real doozy! And,for me, a “cosmic truth” that has never lied! Not once!!! And,without a doubt,you’ve been there too. You’ve been (sorry about this,but the word is)”expecting” positive/life changing news in the near future. It’s almost a done deal. And it’s so incredible,fantastic and exciting,that you just gotta tell your pals. So ya do. And what happens? NADA! Because you blabbed. You opened your big mouth,before the universe delivered the goods. Bad dog!

 By now, dear reader, you’re getting my drift. Are you not? EXPECTATION – DON’T GO THERE! Stay with spontaneity.

                       “It’s spontaneous experience that gives life it’s greatest joy.”

                          – The Bicycle Gourmet – – (and, yes, you may quote me)

Think about it. Why do people dance? Clearly not to “go” anywhere. Dancing is a spontaneous expression of joy. Is it not? Alrighty then! You did’nt fall off a turnip truck, so I don’t need to keep ranting……right? I know now you’re gonna off load whatever expectation you had. I know you’re not gonna fall into the”quicksand” of “The Law of Reverse Effort” or “The Stupidity of Bright Future-Speak.” I know you’re ready for all the unimaginable discovery and adventure spontaniety is gonna bring ya. So – how to invite Spontaniety to knock on yer door? Two ways.Easy.Simple. No special equipment or training needed.

 OneBE HERE NOW. In this marvelous moment. Continuously dieing and being reborn.Not reviewing the past. Not previewing the future.

TwoBE REAL. Be who you are. Not who you imagine yourself to be. Why waste energy/life trying to be a good imitation of someone else,when “being you” requires no effort? Put your energy out there. Honesty. Confidently. With no apologies.You won’t connect with everyone. And that’s alright.You will connect with those who matter.

                      “Nobody gets out of here alive”

                         – Jim Morrison – (The End) –

Sad,but true. Mortality’s a bitch…innit? So, while we’re here–how to best use the time we can’t buy more of? Being smarter than the average bear – I know you know. But what I wanna know is – was all this actually helpful?…….or just a boring re-hash of mind- numbing movitational speaker b.s.?


What are ya thinkin’?

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2 Responses to “French Travel Essentials”

  1. thelma maceawiz says:

    I love the way you present subjects thaqt would otherwise be dry, boring and no fun to read, and make them exactly the opposite!

  2. kevin wilinson says:

    Absolutely helpful…and very insightful…..a road map for living….not simply a roadmap for travel. Deep thoughts, indeed!

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