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Bicycle Gourmet Tour de France Update 2015

Florent R 15/03/2013

Bicycle Gourmet Tour de France Update 2015 – you know FROMME extended his lead, and IVAN BASSO bailed…so I don’t have to (and I won’t!) repeat what you can find elsewhere whenever you Google “Tour du France 2015.”

What you CAN’T find elsewhere Is DA BG’s Tour de France update…that has nothing to do with the current tour that’s hypnotizing Cycle Sport eyeballs.(and monopolizing print and screen space.)

This is the tour that is not on the radar of the great majority of French Cycling Sport fans. It doesn’t get massive media coverage. In fact, only brief blast in the National French Papers for a day or two. And then, buried next to the classifieds.

But today, you will leave here knowning (almost) all there is to know about THE OTHER TOUR DE FRANCE 


What are ya thinkin,?

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21 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet Tour de France Update 2015”

  1. don wilson says:

    nice contrast between the two tours. really informative.

  2. shirley basset says:

    have to agree with don….no reporting is as original as Da Bg’s!

  3. moe holloway says:

    good to know there is “another” tour de france.

  4. carl righter says:

    indeed moe..and it’s something we never would have known were it not for Da Bg.

  5. sarah toms says:

    really enjoyed the video…even tho’ it wasn’t one of yours.

  6. winnie manders says:

    with ya there sarah….nice compliment to the Bg’s post on the same subject.

  7. stan klees says:

    a really refreshing change from all the other cookie cutter coverage of the tour. Da Bg is proof that the cream DOES rise to the top!

  8. zena clark says:

    as usual you’re really “on the money” with your coverage of this event…very perceptive and unique..as usual..and very much appreciated!

  9. jen marrens says:

    obviously it must be challenging to come up with a new angle on an event such as the tour de france..but you managed to do it..and do it well.

  10. ann stevens says:

    i second jens comment..especially noteworthy considering all the duplicate content in the other tour coverage.

  11. tom unger says:

    no idea the “other” tour de france existed. a classic example of why it pays to pay attention to DA BG!

  12. jerry mander says:

    good to know there’s another cycle event that isn’t a hyped up-doped up pawn of big business. big kudos to da bg!

  13. geri walter says:

    master stroke including that video along with your previous and very excellent post. keep it up!

  14. susie evans says:

    maybe it’s just me…but france seems to be the most cycle race crazy country on the planet!

  15. rena zetner says:

    susie..it’s not just you!

  16. tom turner says:

    ladies…i think we’re all agreed that cycle crazy france is a positive assement…are we not?

  17. susie evans says:

    tom….absolutely…..that’s how i meant it anyway (lol)

  18. rena zetner says:

    susie/tom…..and that’s the way i took it too! (so we’re all very clever and in agreement obviously!)

  19. tom turner says:


  20. ivan kurdman says:

    what would frane be without all these bicycle tours?

  21. genni graham says:

    ivan…the most beautiful country in the world!

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