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Bicycle Gourmet’s 2021 New Years

Bicycle Gourmet’s 2021 New Years – was not the same as all the others enjoyed by your French Cycling Gourmet.

There were two big differences in this 2021 New Years for Da BG. And all the resident froggies as well.

Happily, neither were related to shortages of Champagne,fois gras, truffles, and all those other staples of French New Years Gastronomy.

Both of these difference were caused by the same thing that’s causing havoc over the World. You get my drift -do you not? One of them you should be able to guess. The other – pretty much unguessable. (Unless you are “au courant” with French News on a daily basis.)

That difference was(and is) an 8pm curfew. Which means a big fat ole fine if you’re out in public without a government approved reason. (And the papers to prove it.)

French New Years 2021
difference number 2 – is very guessable. Especially when I give you these clues:

1 It’s the same thing manner of celebration that happens in the USA on the fourth of July

  1. It’s loud and colorful
  2. It lights up the sky
    You’re ahead of me again, aren’t you? That’s right – it’s FIREWORKS!
    And because there weren’t any for Da Bg’s(and froggie friends) 2021 French New Years – here’s two of best from French New Years gone by that really rock the “city of light.”


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11 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s 2021 New Years”

  1. larry knight says:

    LOVE your opening photo! and the firworks were great too. Happy 2021!

  2. thanks for remembering us french firework lovers!

  3. derek pierce says:

    sorry to be so late chceking out this post – many thanks for it..just what i needed to start 2021 on the right note.g

  4. bob dibble says:

    can always count on you to help us start the new year off right! all the best BG!

  5. no offical fireworks….no problem for you. great news for us! thanks much.

  6. don,t know how this post got by me first time around….but really enjoyed those fireworks. Wishing you the best for 2021 BG!

  7. not to rain on your parade…but french friends tell me there WERE fireworks in france. any french folks shine some light there.(unintentional pun!)

  8. bonjour steve….

    yes, you are correct. there were fireworks at the chateau of fountainbleu –
    ancient home of louis 14 – our “sun king”

    it was part of a tv program.

  9. jean barbour says:

    jean claude…so…even an expert likg Da Bg can slip up sometimes..

  10. bonjour jean’

    i wouldn’t say “slip up” – as i’m sure le bicycle gourmet would know of this.

    so, i imagine he(correctly) was referring to the usual public celebration of fireworks…..

    not the “tv” one.

  11. hello jean claude…thanks for putting everything in pertspective. BTW – your english is excellent.

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