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Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France



Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France.  Photo ops. Landscape, Nature, travel. Bien sur!

Only natural Da Bg should have an interest here, n’est ce pas? but what about Forbes? Chroniclers of all things business and dollars. What connection could there possibly be here?

Forbes Scribbler  Jim Basingame has da answer:

1. Team  structure

Tour participants are part of 22 sponsored teams of about 25 members, and each have individual roles to play. Some members are supportive non-riders and some are riders whose primary role is to protect and push their leader. But all work together to meet team performance goals, including getting their leader on the podium at the end of the day or the end of the race. Sounds a lot like a small business, doesn’t it?

Since every day in a small business can be like a mountain stage on the Tour—peaks and valleys—success requires the ability to motivate your team to work together effectively. A smart leader knows that sustaining successful teamwork requires sharing the recognition so the team doesn’t mind if you’re the one on the podium.

2008 Tour de France – Stage Twenty One2. Communication
Competing in the Tour is like running 21 marathons in 23 days while simultaneously playing a chess match. So each team member has to understand his role in the overall strategy.

Even if you have the best business strategy in the world it must be communicated to your small business team so every member understands their role in the organization’s plan to achieve success.

3. Preparation
All you have to do is watch a Tour de France cyclist in a mountain stage to see successful preparation. These guys have turned their bodies into human spring steel as they become one with their bikes.
The small business equivalent is to learn as much as you can about operating your business, your industry, the competition, and especially, your customers. Since your team also needs to know these things, prepare them by investing in training and practice.

4. Technology
Tour de France teams certainly leverage technology, including high-tech bikes, customized chase vehicles, on-course communication tools, etc.

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5 Responses to “Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France”

  1. ab rosen says:

    reading the headline..i wondered how you would be able to make the connection…(not that i ever doubted you could, of course!)

  2. ed winston says:

    me too ab…but i got the feeling that the forbes journalist was reaching to make his connection.

  3. ab rosen says:

    with ya there ed…….”straining to make a point” would be the phrase
    that comes to mind….yeah?

  4. ed winston says:

    that indeed is the phrase ab!

  5. howard steinman says:

    excellent video ! – as usual……hope to join your “Tour de France” this year BG.

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