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French Christmas Pot Pouri



This French Christmas Pot Pouri, while perhaps not sufficently memorable to print out and immortalize on your refigerator, will, I hope give you an unvarnished view(and isn’t that the best kind?) of “La Belle France” as it prepares to celebrate the death/rebirth gig of the Son of the invisible super being.

french-christmas-spiritTHE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT

Uh…that would be the “shopping spirit?” – The French certainly have that in quantities “beaucoup.” After all, it was the French who invented luxury by adding an “E” to otherwise non-lux words. Thus enabling merchants to charge double or more. Not to forget also, the World’s largest consortium (now there’s an illegal sounding word if I’ve ever heard one) of luxury products is French. I Forget their exact initals, but if you’ve ever enjoyed French champagne or have a certain pricey brand of luggage, you”ve “been there – done that.”

panhandling dogsTHE ECONOMY

While not in the toilet, it’s certainly circling the bowl. As is all of Europe, to varying degrees. The culprit is the same one that brings on indigestion. Having eyes that are bigger than your stomach.

The European Union, with one currency, the Euro, began with 12 countries. Then Spain, Then Greece . Then assorted Eastern European lands. Yes, dear reader, the EU has eyes too big for it’s stomach. It just can’t feed all those member nations. They’re eating up more euros than the EU has in the kitchen.

merkozyThus the current economic crisis. The reason for so many long purposeful walks along the seashore by the most unlikely of couples,  French President Nicholas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. It is there, the leaders of the two most affulent Euro Nations, do their “perp walk” for the TV cameras.

Supposedly to assure we mere mortals that even when they “take five” from the conference table, they never cease their search for a solution. The press here have dubbed them “Merkozy.”

french- euroAre you ready for a shocker? Most French hate the Euro. Here’s why. When France floated along blissful on the currency cleverly named “the franc” – an “entry level” loaf of bread -“le baugette ordinaire” was 4 Francs.

Then one day, the French woke up to find that francs had gone the way of the 8 track cassette. And something called “Euros” were now the cats meow. One euro being equal to about 7 francs.  And “baugette ordinaire” was now a minimum of 1.10 Euro. You can understand why this got French panties in a knot, can you not?


Sadly, (in the view of most French, and me) there appears to be no one capable of dethroning the current Emperor in the forthcoming election. (Anyone who lives in a guarded palace with 61 cars and his own airplane, is definitely an Emperor, folks.)

Dominique Strauss Kahn, before his descent into “moral errors”, probably could have done it. but he’s waaay damaged goods now. And, in the opnion of many, there’s more “damaged” than just his political reputation.


Sadly, France seems to be having more  horrific sex crimes . Doubly disturbing is the fact that a seemingly overwhelming majority are committed by those under 21. IN THIS CASE  by a Male teenager who raped, murdered and then burned a Female classmate.

BOTTOM LINE : Pyschotic people come in all ages and nationalities.

France has no death penalty. Yet.



In The French Countryside, as in almost every rural setting, the locals could give a rat’s ass for the “world out there.” (As long as there’s wine in the cellar and a chicken on the table!) Their involvement with National politics is usually limited to shaking their heads in disgust as the 8 o’clock news blonde recounts the latest misuse of their money.

And they celebrate festive events, in a much simpler and uniquely Human way. As I explained last Christmas  IN THIS POST.


Another word for the “Christmas Sprit” : Hypocrisy. That’s how it hits me, folks. To designate one time of the year when we think of/try to help those less fortunate than ourselves, is, to me, not the mark of a highly evolved, truely compassionate society.

christmas- decorationsBG’s CHRISTMAS WISH

So, my Christmas wish for you this year, is that you’ll live the “Christmas Spirit” all year round.

And also, “appreciate.” Whatever you feel you “need” or “must have”, be thankful for what you have now. Remember there are those with much less. And those with nothing. Appreciate what you have. And do what you can to help those who need it.

This space will be blank until sometime in January. See ya then?


What are ya thinkin’?


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