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French Country Life – Is it For You?


French Country Life  – is it for you? I mean – Really for you? Short Answer: Depends on how close it needs to match your dreams of Life in the French Countryside.

Now, don’t get me wrong – dreams are good. Dreams are healthy. As you well know – I’m here because I had a dream of living in the French countryside. And I put that dream into action.

That’s the key. Whether you action is as simple as getting accurate information. That’s action. That’s outside the fantasy zone. And that’s where you want to be.

Where you don’t want to be – is making any life changing decisions without : a)experiencing your dream location in a howling snow-filled gale in the dead of winter.(the ultimate test of your heating system) (b) getting to know some of the locals (c) hipping yourself to the labyrinth of laws that govern things as miniscule as what color your can paint your dream villa, etc.

If your dream is for the DEEP south of France – ie – le cote d’azur (uh….that would be Nice, Cannes, etc?) you could probably pass on point (a)

OK – so now that you’re (hopefully) a little more “in the know” and (again, hopefully) in the mood for some French Country Life experience……

Here ya go!

What are ya thinkin’?

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26 Responses to “French Country Life – Is it For You?”

  1. nicole baron says:

    after this video..how can it NOT be for me?….for ANYONE!!!

  2. francis ettner says:

    I’m packing my bags! (lol!)

  3. caroline brosset says:

    very nice that you are sharing the best of france with your audience. even the french people, like me, are enjoying this.

  4. olive winston says:

    Some great advice here…along with an equally great video – as usual. Many thanks!

  5. carrie smallton says:

    i agree with olive..on both counts! especially your advice about experiencing your “dream” during “nightmare conditions. (lol!)

  6. enrique hernandez says:

    bro – this is way cool!

  7. matt clarkson says:

    while i really did appreciate your last article….good to have you return to the side of france we all know and love!

  8. cindy mattez says:

    this video is telling us that spring is just around the corner….rights?

  9. juan carlos morez says:

    this is making me want to go north (to france)…but now in barcelona we are having very nice weather. is the weather in france like this now?

  10. pru stanfield says:

    really get the atmosphere….too cool!

  11. mason tandish says:

    Another in your long line of great videos. keep them coming BG!

  12. tammy remarez says:

    I’ve seen all of your videos on youtube…..and this is one of the best for giving the flavor of french country life. bonn appetit!

  13. kyle traversac says:

    This video reminds me a lot of the trip I made through france last summer. Thanks for bringing back those great memories with this great vid!

  14. unger stevens says:

    works for me!

  15. ralph parmenter says:

    While i haven’t yet been to France, it was on my “might visit” list before I saw this video. Now it’s on the “MUST VISIT” one!

  16. nancy pinkerton says:

    I don’t know how you manage to keep your quality so high….but…for heaven’s sake – don’t stop!

  17. spencer cavendish says:

    You have a way not only with the written narrative – but also with the visual one. As you display so elequently in this presentation. well done. again!

  18. brent questorman says:

    what i like about this video…other than the beautiful shots, of course, is the way you keep the pace moving without making it feel rushed.

  19. ellen mctavish says:

    i’m with you there too brent…..and i’d just like to add that, for me anyway, there’s never any “filler” in the shots. every one is essential for getting the story across. (and NO i’m not a video maker!)

  20. jack carson says:

    Folks i appreciate whet you’ve said…but i don’t know diddly squat about video…except i know what i like. And i luv this one!

  21. warren davidson says:

    The pace of your video is just what I imagine french country life would(should?) be like. Flattered to know I’m on your wavelength!

  22. linda spetters says:

    yet another great vid from DA BG!

  23. carla savage says:

    indeed linda….so BG…howsabout a longer one next time?

  24. wendy paulson says:

    Love it – But it’s too short!….give us some longer ones!!!

  25. trevor mannson-smith says:

    Another immpecable glimpse of the life we’d all like to lead. May you share more with us. And often.

  26. laverne backus says:

    like everyone else…looking forward to more…and SOON! All the best BG!

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