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French Country Life

Life in France, especially French Country Life, revolves around the family. Not just the immediate one. But the extended family. All the Uncles, Aunts,  and cousins you never knew you had. Until that one special day that brought the whole clan together.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to just such a special event,  that began a day in advance, and continued  for twenty plus hours, two roasted lambs and seventy litres of rosé.

Here’s a tiny taste:

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6 Responses to “French Country Life”

  1. marv brimmage says:

    really gives me the feeling of being there. except for the lack of rosé of course!

  2. karin admoti says:

    looks like a great party! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. steve endersly says:

    as a fellow videographer, i want to compliment you on an excellent job using only available light……in the church interior sequences. i know how difficult that can be. you handled it brillantly.

  4. alison wonderly-carr says:

    your video really captures the atmosphere of a big family celebration…..and although it’s in france……it could really be anywhere…..the same sort of vibe…if you get my meaning. Hope you’ll be sharing more like this!

  5. barbara queston says:

    All I can say is : “Wish I were you!” Even just half of the adventures you’ve shared here would be enough for me…well no..i guess not really……but it would be a great start! Waiting, as always, for more!!!

  6. zachery tillman-jones says:

    All of it excellent, of course…but my favorite images is the scene with the priest mock tossing the baby. Sometime you will NEVER see in the “good ole” USA!

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