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French Country Lifestyle

One Size Does Not Fit All

Just as there is no one “right way” to live, there is no single “French Country Lifestyle.” Although the DREAM of one(and dreams ARE good) may be. Whether yours is  sipping pastis in the local cafe, lazy long lunches under shady trees, or sequestered in the Pyrennes  gazing alternately toward the deep blue med. and/or Spain – the good news, is that all of your dreams are real. For someone. And, maybe, someday, for you. If you’re a “take action” dreamer.

The Good News

But the great thing about dreams(other than they can come true) is that they reflect realities of which we are already aware. If only sub-consciously. Consciously, we know that stereotypes are just that. But, on the other hand, they are the springboards of our reveries.

Pedal To The Metal

When we put our determination in gear to manifest those reveries, inevitably we will trample over some sterotypes, to arrive at a reality never previously imagined. That reality might well be a mix of seemingly incongurous elements – like this video:

Could you get used to a place like this?

And would it take long?


What are ya thinkin’!

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12 Responses to “French Country Lifestyle”

  1. jack carr says:

    love the way you’ve contrasted the images of the aid back stuff, with the objects inside the house. Nice job!

  2. Belinda Leblanc says:

    ditto jack….and i’d like to add that changing the music in the last section, where you show the objects was also very cool.

  3. amy drosmick says:

    All your videos have so much in them. I keep finding different things each time I watch them again. Much deeper than most people think!

  4. stephan costner says:

    What I really like about your videos is that you always manage to include something unusual..like the elephants.

  5. billy foster says:

    agree with stephan!…totally cool those elephants..the last thing you’d expect in the french countryside!

  6. sarah masterson says:

    as a physcology student, i see many levels of connotations in the seemingly related images you’ve chosen…..

  7. leonard belltroy says:

    Hey…I’m NOT a physco student…i just love vids and cool scenes…bro…you got ’em!

  8. claire betrando says:

    You make an excellent point…as usual…..in an easy accessible way. Expanding on your very appropriate title, it’s clear you appreciate, and communicate the nuances. profund, yet simple. As most truths are.

  9. maria fuentes says:

    your video remin,ds me of many parts of spain; my native country. it is not all by the sea….as most people think of it; thank you for this very nice video.

  10. gerard courtman says:

    i really like the slightyly dark/mysterious edge you give this with the music and the images of the (I hope) toy lizard, etc.

  11. paul o'rielly says:

    I second Gerard’s comments…and would like to add I think ending on the mask….after the landscape…….was pure genius. It takes the viewer(at least, this one) back for a second thought about the images Gerard referred to.

  12. damien fisher says:

    watching all you’ve included in this video, the shots, the lighting, the subjects, the music, ..all I can think of is that song from one of the James Bond movies “nobody does it better.!”

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