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French Country Travel Life Food and Wine



French Country Travel Life Food and Wine – obviously two of the best reasons for travelling through The French Countryside. N’est ce pas? Not the only ones of course. But if you do, or have done, you’ll discover that French Food and Wine, particularly in a country setting, are just the “icing on the cake.” The cake being the people. And their relations to one another.

You’ll find, as I did, that the everyday routine, as well as the special ocassions and “fetes” are all imbued with the same degree of appreciation and reverence for the land. And their good fortune to be on it. And part of it.

This is the expression of their word “terrior.” (pro – “tear-war”) One that’s most often used to describe the fidelity of grapevines to a particularly location. But in the same and wider sense, it also expresses their fidelity to, and pride in the place where they live.

Not chest-thumping Nationalism of the we’re-the-best-and-you’re-dogmeat variety, but a ..shall we say…”contented regionalism.”

Care for a “petite degustation” of French Country Travel Life Food and Wine?


What are ya thinkin’?

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27 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Food and Wine”

  1. ellis mcgrady says:

    another great video in the bicycle gourmet tradition – super!

  2. nathalie perdue says:

    ellis has said it all…but i’ll say it again……SUPER!!!

  3. alma whiteside says:

    as someone who was fortunate enough to discover you early on….. i can’t believe how much information, of such interest, uniquely presented you manage to keep sending our way.

    this incredible video is yet another sterling example.

    many thanks for you – DA BG!

  4. tom deveroe says:

    i love the way you cut back and forth between the wineamker and the people party. very creative! (as we would expect from you!)

  5. zuni batista says:

    very beautiful video…..someday i hope to visit france….mushc inspired by you. thank you.

  6. wendy massey says:

    of course, like your other commentators, I LOVE this video!….however, unless my eyesight is failing….(and could be?)
    in your opening photo the wine label says “reserva.” – not exactly

  7. sharlene cooper says:

    hey Wendy….you’re right!…even though my spanish is practically non-existent…i do know that “reserva” is definitely not French!

  8. pablo sanchez says:

    Yes, you are correct ladies……even the mighty BG is falliable.
    as he so honestly admitted with his last post.

  9. consuela morales says:

    you have make a very nice video. thank you and looking for to more.

  10. franck wittstein says:

    Every time i see one of your videos..and this is one of my favorites….i want to hop in my car and just drive over. (I’m çin Germany….so it IS possible!)

  11. bart stinson says:

    Franck – You lucky dog!

  12. verna lastman says:

    bart and franck – woof! woof!

  13. sean mcgready says:

    if you ever need an assitant – you know – some one to caryy your gear and make sure the wine has been poisoned – i’m available!

  14. marla standson says:

    thanks for a lot more than a “petite degustation.”

  15. erma bomstein says:

    never been to france…..but can’t see how i can resist it after this video! many thanks! (where do i send you a postcard?)

  16. trevor smith-cline says:

    Your reportage is continually excellent. I’ve enjoyed it for quite some time…and should have really commended you before now. So please accept my apologies.

  17. annie johnson says:

    wow trevor…..chill out….i think the BG forgives you! (lol!)

  18. terri watson says:

    more than any of your other videos..this one really makes me want to follow in your tire tracks!

  19. tommy hunter says:

    this video is a great example of good images as opposed to fancy special post production effects. well done!

  20. beverly baskerville says:

    of course tha video is fantastic! – as usual, but even better was the way you explained how the people regard their good fortune to live in the country. equally important and well done!

  21. covin zingest says:

    now i know how to pronounce “terrior!”

  22. bella danvers says:

    but isn’t all nationalism “chest thumping?”

  23. newton govern says:

    will the riches of bicycle gourmet never end? let’s hope not!

  24. calista fennerman says:

    I just love your videos! Every new one becomes my favorite! more please!!!

  25. myron cohen says:

    took the words right out of my mouth calista! – DA BG has the best videos!

  26. randy carlson says:

    just a super post and video!

  27. katie bullmer says:

    I love the way you manage to tie together the idea of value – the people, the land, etc…what i mean here is the human values you integrate into your narrative. really rings true.

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