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French Country Travel Life New Years




French Country Travel Life New Years? Yes, there was one. And it were grand. But, “low key.” ( a unmistakeable sign that you are over 18) Seems to be a great majority of the froggie populace celebrating in the same style. At Home. A few pals. (or not) Some great grub. Even greater wine. Obligatory Champagne. Two reasons DA BG imagines:  One, country folk often have fair distances between friends ‘n neighbours.  Two, City dwellers don’t view “stuck-in-midnight-massive-traffic-jam” as a form of celebration.

One familiar feature missing from the French National festivities this year, was the (usually) traditional fireworks display from Le Tour Eiffiel. Most o’ the time when skyrockets are nixed by the powers that be, it’s during dry times, with a lack of available water. For fear of fire. Not the case here. The other possibility – economic.  Alright we DO have a socialist government now, but dumbing down a National celebration(in the nations capital yet!) is not the height of political sagess. N’est ce pas? So – we can rule that one out.  The other, to me anyway, curious aspect of “no fireworks 2013” is the fact that the Eiffiel display is a great tourist promotion vechile. One that lasts long after the actual event. (hint : it lives forever on youtube!)  But, as the religious fanatics are always reminding us : “It is not for us to know.” And, bottom line, is probably causing no one sleepless nights expect roman candle salespersons.



However, as marvy as New Years Eve was, and as Super as the sleep that followed it, the dawn arrived with an (very)unwanted guest in BG land. LE GRIPPE! – what we in the far away lands call: “The Flu.” Not immediately apparent, except for a small sensitivity in the chest, I saw no reason not to begin the day, with a brief consitutional through my adjoining woods. No problem. Then, returning to Chateau BG – the proverbial “ton o bricks.” Instant agony. Sweating like a….you know what…..aching everywhere. Especially neck, chest and back. After a few hours, the fever subsides, but the aches remain. Of course, you lie to yourself that it can’t possibly last. (Been there, done that?)

That night, next to no sleep. The next – None. For the very understandable reason that no position – sitting, standing or lying down – provides any relief. So, uh….maybe time to see Monsieur le docteur? Absolutement!

Loaded down with, and popping the prescribed pills, huge improvement in “pain-be-gone” status within the first four hours. That night. First good sleep. (chemically enhanced.) Progressively mo beddah each day. Hopefully will begin training for the next Iron Man soon.

The mystery,  like the “no fireworks this year” one,  is why? Being in the prime of BG -dom, not to mention being exceptionally prudent with my intake of grub and grog – why did my number come up on the “flu-be-you” card?

Remember the Waltons?  “Life is a mystery son…a sacred mystery.”


What are ya thinkin’?

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16 Responses to “French Country Travel Life New Years”

  1. hector watless says:

    and a happy new year to you too BG! sorry to hear about “the morning(s) after!”

  2. tammi perdue says:

    with ya there hector….;but you forgot to mention DA BG did have a great news eve!

  3. anston green says:

    sorry to hear about the “french flu” and no fireworks. talk about a double whammey.

  4. laurence vickers says:

    every year seems to be more of the flu “going around”….sick world!
    gald to have you back BG.! stay healthy!!!

  5. sandra huffman says:

    very cool includign the waltons video!

  6. marilyn garcia says:

    agree with you about the fireworks…does seem strange….but..
    then govbernments are all strange..;to say the least..right?

  7. tom olsen says:

    BG..been there ..done that…got the flu tee-shirt!…glad to have you back ..and in health!

  8. terri hammer says:

    mark me down as another reader who really dug your waltons ending!
    too cool!!!

  9. pedro sanchez says:

    hey bro…..sorry to hear about your bad start…..but sound like you’re cool now. all the best!

  10. matt willems says:

    hang in there guy…..2013 can only get better…right?

  11. alwyn chipman says:

    like you always say in your posts..a “yin” and a “yang”…that’s what life’s all about…….glad you’re on the good side now…and hope you stay that way. flu is definitely no fun!

  12. rand ibin says:

    love your “religious fantaics” line…too true!

  13. garth branster says:

    you’ve always got a humorous take of stuff……especially the negatives..;really appreciate it…..don’t sweat the small stuff..;right?

  14. sandi dennison says:

    i DO remember the Waltons! (guess there’s no lying about my age now…lol!

  15. susan rego says:

    love your phrase “an unmistakeable sign that you are over 18” – great way to convey the point. hope you’re well “on the mend.”

  16. ken bettner says:

    glad to have you back. stay “prudent! (like me…..NOT!)

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