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French Music Legend Rocks the Big 70

French Music Legend Rocks the Big 70!!!! but wait…..there’s more! – Johnny Hallyday – France’s Elvis  – who once said he couldn’t imagine himself singing at age 70, now says he expects to be warbling at 80!

And, hey, why not? After hitting the big “70” recently – celebrated by a nationally televised “spectacle”, featuring  a selection of his musical pals – the fawning adoration of an arena full of fans confirmed Johnny’s status as the “numero uno” of French Rock Music.


Although he can’t get arrested outside of France – as I detailed in THIS POST – here in the land of  strikes, “manefestations” ,(that’s “demonstrations  “to us folks from “over there.”) and red tape up the yin-yang, “Johnny” is not just an aging rocker – but, more importantly – a cultural icon.

French music journalist Bertrand Dicale put it this way….

“Every country has a Johnny Hallyday. Johnny is the embodiment of something essentially French. He represents our way of looking at life”

DA BG hastens to add the obvious. That NOT all French are “looking at life” from the “Johnny” point of view.

Dicale continues: ”

“He is the embodiment not of rock ‘n’ roll but of France’s idea of rock ‘n’ roll. He is rock ‘n’ roll combined with traditional French variety entertainment and whatever the melody, whatever the rhythm, whatever the lyrics, it’s always very French.”

That “very French” aspect of Johnny’s music may be the reason he’s failed to conquer the rest of the musical World. But , no worries. Because in a career thats (so far) spanned 50 plus years, Johnny Hallyday has always been “on a roll.” Always selling out. Always keeping his fans happy. And adding new ones. Never a “dip” in popularlity.  Never on the “comeback trail.” Because Johnnys’ never been away.

Bottom Line: If doing what you love really does keep you young, Johnny Hallyday is the living proof.


What are ya thinkin’?

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26 Responses to “French Music Legend Rocks the Big 70”

  1. tommy yester says:

    incredible! first i’ve heard of this guy…..sounds like he can do no wrong over there!

  2. marvin yang says:

    does he have asian ancestry?…or just too much plastic surgery?

  3. ted lanson says:

    great question marvin. maybe a little of both?

  4. dominique leclerc says:

    ted and marvin….johnny was born in paris to a belgian mother and french father. plastic surgery? probably.

  5. alan winston says:

    sounds like this was a great party!…..thanks for including the video!

  6. clara wetridge-clarke says:

    thjis post is a classic example of why i love DA BG – you never know what to expect…and what you get, almost always, is something you had no idea about before – like this artist! ab fab and brill!

  7. hortensia fowler says:

    thanks for turning me on to this guy..incredible energy..especially for 70!…hpe i have half as much when i’m his age!

  8. martin scorman says:

    thanks for this eye-opening post…checked out the video also…..way cool! da bg rocks!

  9. karen ingram says:

    great story ..and very inspirational….no matter what you do!

  10. marly starwater says:

    i agree karen…johnny is one guy who definitely followed his bliss

  11. ed markenson says:

    ditto marly……and didn’t wind up on skid row or working in a factory!

  12. mal pederson says:

    this guy deserves a medal just for surviving!

  13. lars johannsen says:

    of course here in sweden we do know of johnny….and it was very nice to red this post about hios birthday. thank you for your constantly wonderful reporting.

  14. paul morgan says:

    think for a moment…how many opther rockers..english or american
    have had even half the success that this guy has had?

  15. eddie baker says:

    totally agree paul….and would add three words to your comment

    “the success that this guy IS STILL HAVING!

  16. ankela stein says:

    paul and eddie – right on! all the others are either dead from drugs, or fat pathetic losers doing “comeback concerts” every 10 years to pay their alimony/doctor bills! Johnny is MORE than “the real deal.” he’s a freakin’ original!

  17. sean oconner says:

    with ya there ankela…johnny is really; truly “one of a kind!”

  18. manny overton says:

    i tried to get into one of his concerts last time i was in france.
    but it sold out too fast.

  19. ling renders says:

    too bad manny….but looks like you got a very up close and personal demonstration of “the power of Johnny!” (lol!)

  20. ellie proudfoot says:

    hey ling…i think you mean “the power of johnny’s FANS” – yeah?

  21. cal waterman says:

    i’m not a fan of his music..but anyone, in any field, who can stay on top for 50 years, is definitely an inspiration.

  22. wendy brenner says:

    well put cal….my feelings exactly.

  23. consuela rameriz says:

    i am for a long time a big fan of johnny…so very happy to read you report of his birthday.

  24. david breshears says:

    after reading this post…i have no doubt that mr hallyday WILL still be on stage at age 80.

  25. david breshears says:

    i agree david…..and wonder where mick jagger and the rest of the
    “pushing 60 with a bulldozer” crowd will be then.

  26. ian wattlesworth says:

    i hear ya david…..can you imaging kieth richard at 80? SCARY!!!

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