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French Chef No 1 – Part Three


(Author’s Note : Part One and Two could add to your reading enjoyment)


So, clearly, Jean Luc’s culinary talent, hospitality, and generosity take a back seat to no one. But what makes him, for Me, the greatest French chef – is his embodiment of all the best elements of the French character. Dynamic. Resourceful. Discreet.Positive. Always authentically “up.” Appreciating his good fortune. Never seriously bad-mouthing anyone. In a word, Jean Luc Maurice is real. No supermarket smile. No “have a nice day.”

To have Jean Luc as a friend, is to have a friend who is consistently dependable and accessible. Whenever I can’t avoid phoning him during cooking hours; He always takes the call. And always the first two questions are : “Where are you?” ”Are you alright?” Typical of Jean Luc’s “above and beyond the call “ qualities was : “The early airport caper.” I needed to get my large, boxed bike, plus all my gear to the airport, from Paris.

Impossible with affordable private/public transportation. Jean Luc, as usual, had it wired. We slept in the staff bunk beds in his office. Back o’ da bistro. At three am, a groggy, but smiling Jean Luc shook me – thrust an espresso in my face, and twenty minutes later – We’re airport bound. That’s the first miracle.


The second – not only did He finesse all my gear into his postage stamp-sized compact, but at the airport, he risked a monster parking fine, to get Me exactly to the right spot. After our goodbye hug – He intoned seriously. “You ‘ave any problem….
…you call me…….ok?……………..never mind what time…….You call me………ok?”

Often, over a glass, Jean Luc gets misty about his pre-chef days as a triathlete. And, although He’d like a return match, with forty advancing in the rear view mirror, and two kids at the need-daddy-most-now age, it would seem that a triathalon encore is not in Jean Luc’s cards. But then, when you’re the greatest chef in France – nothings impossible. Right?


What are ya thinkin’?

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26 Responses to “French Chef No 1 – Part Three”

  1. connie sessons says:

    hoping to see more in depth stuff like this (not that the rest of your posts are lite…LOL!)

  2. carla witherspoon says:

    i heartily second barry’s comments. i got “gliding to the bonheur” ages ago and i’m soooo glad i did. it gives me a whole new perspective on da bg’s life and adventures.

  3. suzi valesquez says:

    If I could have half the adventures you’ve had….I’d be ready to die today! thanks for sharing – again and again!

  4. carl randle says:

    now we know why he’s the greatest french chef – for you. lucky you. lucky us for sharing. all the best.

  5. margret lawson says:

    when is the book coming out? surely you have assembled some of these great posts into one? give us the first shot please!

  6. werner kimmleman says:

    as others have commented – i’m very impressed with the quantity and quality of your reports. obviously, you have the perfect combination of passion,consistency and luck.

  7. bettina ettners says:

    Great conclusion to a great series! Give us more!!!

  8. jesus morales says:

    very cool end to a very coool series dude. you are rad!

  9. engels bartonis says:

    Werner: is it not the combination of passion and consistency that produce luck?

  10. barnaby zetner says:

    I wonder how many people are so inspired by your adventures that they go off on one of their own?

  11. candance trems says:

    I’m with Margret! – Love to have a book with all your posts.

  12. sal piccocini says:

    bravo encora – bellissima!

  13. zena rollins says:

    love the way you put all this together.

  14. andre gerard says:

    a very well balanced conclusion to an equally balanced series. you give us two dishes – the dream and the reality – for us to taste to whatever degree we dish.

  15. paul anderson says:

    what can i say that all the other readers haven’t? consistent high quality! we’re lucky to have you!

  16. jeanette dibble says:

    Looking forward to more food related posts from you.

  17. santos hernandez says:

    hey jeanette…..i’m looking forward to any kind of post from da bg!

  18. teresa muldane says:

    this was another great series!…looking forward to more!

  19. mavis hearn says:

    can understand why you call him “the greatest french chef” – he’s just a great guy who happens to be able to cook!

  20. lester menovich says:

    I always enjoy your posts…and I have to say that this series has been one of my ultimate favorites; But then, I have a lot. Thanks to you.

  21. kevin mulroney says:

    i’m thinkin’ all your foodie stuff just gets up my nose!

  22. lance converse says:

    For Me – Your site is better than any book…even one by you..because it’s constantly updated with new adventures!

  23. steve wanderson says:

    hey kevin – get a nose job!

  24. barry lockton says:

    I’m THINKIN’…that the previous commenters who are waiting for you to come out with a book need to wake up and smell the coffee!
    because (listen up now folks!) DA BG already has a book of his adventures downloadable – “Gliding To The Bonheur”…..just click “Treasures of France” at the top right of this page…..and you’ll find it.

    (and NO, he’s not paying me for this….i bought the book!….and you should to!!!)

  25. carly rose says:

    just one of your best. what more can i say?

  26. red covin says:

    you got a way with words mr BG. good on ya!

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