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French Cathedrals

<img src=/"french-cathedral.jpg"alt="french-cathedral.jpg"/>

They’re big.  They’re awe-inspiring.  They’re colorful. Magnificent minglings of stone and light. Man made wonders at which to marvel.  And they’re all over France. French Cathedrals.

<img src=/"cathedral-int.jpg"alt="cathedral-int.jpg"/>Not churches, mind you.  Which are more numerous and range in size from tiny chapels to good sized houses of worship. But Cathedrals. The largest of the breed. The Big Men on Campus. The football stadiums of Religion. Monuments to whatever King/Pope was in the mood to be remembered.

French Cathedrals. A very large part of the country’s History. And, along with food, wine and scenery, one of the main reasons the rest of the World visits. Particularly we folks from the excited states who be way lower on the Historical heritage totem pole. It is here, in these massive edifices, that we get our History fix.

<img scr=/"chartes-stained-glass.jpg"alt="chartesstained-glass"/>

And sometimes, when you talk a walk on the cathedral side……you can stumble upon something a little out of the ordinary……….but good……

French Cathedrals from bicyclegourmet on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to “French Cathedrals”

  1. allen samuels says:

    great video……especially the opening shot…..really gives you a sense of the size of the place.

  2. sandra azurnet says:

    nice to get your distinction between Cathedrals and Churches…definitely worth checking out both….

  3. zumi nastwaski says:

    Your post was very timely for me, as I’m leaving for France next week, and one of my big “must-see’s” are some of the great cathedrals. Your post and video definitely got me even more in the mood! Many thanks!!!

  4. arnie fienstein says:

    have’nt been to any of these yet….but thanks to this post this post i’ll certainly be checking them out! Really liked the video!
    SPOOKY! (but in a good way.)

  5. bart dennis says:

    never really thought much about cathedrals in france..but after this post..deinitely something to check out. thanks for sharing!

  6. diane rebourne says:

    Looking forward to more posts like this! I’m really big on French History and Culture….so this info(and the great video) were right up my alley! Give us more of this stuff pleeeeze!

  7. sergo bonitas says:

    liking very much what you have said here…and very nice the pictures too…..maybe someday i will have chance to see some of these. thank you.

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