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French Churches – part Four of Four

Circumstantial Evidence

Ok – a potpourri of “miracles” now n’ then. The virgin Mary appears. The sick are healed. God talks to Moses.(According to the Bible. A cusinart of rumour,innuendo and questionable “facts” assembled by hundreds of special interest “authors” over thousands of years. Now – that’s credibility…..right?)

Callin’ the “G” Man

Would’nt ya think if “He” really is up there watching over us, that he’d check in? Once a year, even? The Queen has her “Speech from the Throne.” The President his “State of the Union.” Why not a “State of the World?” from the creator hisself? Like  – maybe at Christmas? With a “special appearance” by he for whom Christmas is (supposedly) celebrated?

New Year’s Blowout?

So – the Father, the Son, and (if he’s not too busy) “the Holy Ghost.”A blockbuster year end bash with “The Big Three!” Certainly this “transparence” in the season of “goodwill to all men” would unquestionably bond us to the supreme one and his posse? And ,bien sur, this would be the appropriate moment for our “Heavenly Father” to tell us how we’ve screwed up in the past year, and what we need to do in the new one, would it not?

Party Pooper

Yet, inexplicably ,year after year, God drops the ball. He blows his best chance to spread(not to mention solidify)his “Gospel.” If he did, indeed create the World in six days – he must know that timing is everything. And, more to the point, if he can do a World in six days, how busy can he be? Really? What excuse can he offer for not showing up when we’re celebrating his “only begotten Son?”

But – nnnnnnnnnnnnno! Not a word. Not a sign. Not a miracle. Not even –a video! Just candles, hymns,massive spending, superficial smiles, turkey for winos,Holy mumbo jumbo,wars ,starvation ,poverty ,natural disasters, climate change and pedophile priests.

“God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.” No shit.

Misfits and Marketing

Psychologists say our feelings of inadequacy, and the resultant desire for someone/something greater to guide us ,are genetic. And after 4000 years ,too many churches to count, and almost as many religions, a counter argument has yet to emerge.

Atheists,particularly those in the world of commerce, would say that “God” is History’s greatest marketing triumph. 4000 years of “brand loyalty” to an intangible product, that offers no tangible benefits. In addition to promoting itself as a “unifying force”, while doing exactly the opposite.

Our God is a Sailor

Contrast this, with a group of people who have not only actually seen/talked to their God, in the freakin’ flesh, no less, but also have a tangible(as in “physical”)souvenir of his Holy presence to worship, revere and adore.

These folks are the “Cargo Cultists.” Pacific islanders who welcomed a shipwrecked mariner named John (from? East Akron?, Sacramento?, Blackpool?) as their God. And when he left, enshrining himself forever as “the God of their vision come true”, his cargo remained, to become his temple. This”cult” is therefore known as the “John Fromm” cult. As in “John from?”

Bottom Line : Like that famous American ice cream, “God” comes in many flavors.

The flavour of French Churches, you will discover, is, as it should be, between you and the Church of your choice. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Prepared to be amazed.


What are ya thinkin’?

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9 Responses to “French Churches – part Four of Four”

  1. abagail beecher says:

    first off – this is an exceptional post, in an exceptional series. but -the point i want to make is that the way you constantly use photos, and select exactly the right photo to underscore your text, is a measure of the effort you put into your work.very much appreciated by me, and, obviously by all your regular readers.

  2. horace pendergast says:

    Truman Capote’s review of “On the Road” was : “This isn’t writing – this is typing” – is exactly my reaction to your “work.”

  3. carol anderson says:

    don’t let the negative comments get you down – they only prove you’re breaking new ground – not re-plowing the old.

  4. bart mulvaney says:

    RE: negative comments – The famous blogger John Chow says : “If you’re not pisswing somebody off, you’re not doing your job.” Hey – you’re doin a great job!

  5. sanders montague says:

    Your basic premise – that religion/faith/belief demand that we suspend normal logic,morality/accountability(ie- “holy” wars, pedophile priests,Pope Benedict’s incredible hyprocrisy, etc) – is not a new observation. But it is one that definitely needs to be repeated. As you have done so well in this post, and,indeed throughout this excellent series.

  6. candi stanton says:

    your description/definition of the bible is so right on!

  7. barney clemens says:

    God for Christmas…….What a concept!

  8. denise beauparie says:

    As a marketing consultant, I only wish I had a “Brand Strategy” like God. Can’t think of any other “product” with that kind of longevity. And, as you so aptly put it – “no tangible benefits!

  9. vincent bradley says:

    While I find your hyperbole more than a little over the top(tho’ well done) your point is well taken.

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