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French Dream Chateau

Like most folks from the far-away lands, high on my “must see-must do” list in the land of cheese, wine and other things fine, was a French Dream Chateau.

After all, next to the Eiffiel Tower, what is the most universally recognized French icon? Uh…that would be…..a chateau…would it not?

Like Churches, Chateau’s spring up like weeds all over the French landscape. And, like Churches, they are monuments to, and museums of the countries  incredible history.

As you would imagine, they come in all shapes in styles. What they have in common is that virtually none of them were the work of one architect, or one era. Again, like Churches, they were improved/extended/refurbished by a succession of owners. And that uniqueness, that  true individuality (and isn’t that the best kind) is the stuff of legends.

It’s not rocket science to find a Chateau you can visit/stay in. The “hospitality industry” obviously includes all manner of stately manors where you get get your History fix. And grok the atmosphere of rustic by-gone times, without nasty plagues, poverty and massacres spoiling your fun.

Again, luckier than smart, on one of my first forays I was fortunate enough to find my French Dream Chateau.

Yes, it has the rich history, the incredible location, surrounded by forests (ie – no neighbours!), not to mention it’s own lake. But what made it “first among equals” on my Chateau menu was the family vibe. It’s current owner, Count Beraud de Vogue is the fourth Devogue to be born within it’s walls. And it’s his genuine pride of ownership, personally guided his guests through the family estate, that make the Chateau Le Verriere a not to be missed French Dream Chateau.

Here’s a quick peek:

Say Hello to Count Devogue HERE.

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7 Responses to “French Dream Chateau”

  1. helen and bill wilson says:

    We’ve alreday made our reservation! Thanks for sharing this incredible gem!

  2. harrison mcarthur says:

    Don’t know how you find these places…..but eternally grateful that you do! Can’t imagine anything to rival it’s attractions. (Until your next discovery, that is!)

  3. andi wrenski says:

    this place certainly does seem like it came right out of a fairytale! great for those of us who believe in fairytales!! keep spinning tall tales like this one please!!!

  4. collen sloan-ketterly says:

    After your comparison between chateaus and churches, I’m wondering if you’re planning profiling some of France’s most interesting churches?

  5. todd everton says:

    i’m definitely going to check this one out! thanks for the tip!!!

  6. danny baggot says:

    nice to knbow th

  7. danny baggot says:

    nice to knbow that there’s a place like this with a real family atmosphere. and your images make me want to jump a plane immediately. way to go!

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