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Da Bg’s French Country Travel Life Clock

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Da Bg’s French Country Travel Life Clock – ain’t really mine. But without me telling you -you’d never know would you?

And Da Bg is tellin’ you, because in all my zillion year  and a half years of French Country Travel Life Adventures – I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to theHorologe (clock) Astronomique du Beauvais.”

This magnificent momument to French precision machinery was created between 1865 and 1868 by Lucien August Véritie inside the Cathederal of St Peter in the Village of Beauvais.

Wikipedia has the fascinating details:

“It is 12 metres high, and 6 metres wide.

The 52 dials display the times of the rising and setting sun and moon, the position of the planets, the current time in 18 cities around the world, and the tidal times. The clock also displays the pact(i.e. age of the moon in days on January 1) and the golden number.

The hours and minutes are shown in the large central face which depicts Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles.

An 1886 edition of Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine remarks that: “In the eyes of the neighbourhood the chief wonder of Beauvais is not the cathedral, but the astronomical clock…The mechanical part is admirable. It tells everything which any one can wish to know.”

And that (and THIS VIDEO) is today’s really short (but really unique) French History Lesson.




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6 Responses to “Da Bg’s French Country Travel Life Clock”

  1. ted danbury says:

    absolutely a great history lesson!

  2. jack coleman says:

    never cease to be amazed at the treasures you uncover for us!

  3. barry mcmaster says:

    thats the facts jack! (lol)

  4. lonnie marshall says:

    ok – kudos on yet another exceptional post…..i get the feeling there’s something cool hidden away in almost every french church..know what i mean?

  5. megan ambrose says:

    i hear ya talking lonnie! – but i think “hidden” is a little off the mark….hard to “hide” something like that clock (know what i mean – lol)

  6. lonnie marshall says:

    thanks for the much needed correction megan! (if you know what i mean)

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