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French Country Travel Life History Lesson


This French Country Travel Life History Lesson is one of the few that appear in this space. But it’s here precisely because it’s a piece of French History not well known. And it needs to be. After all DA BG’s mission is to hip you to all that you’re not hip to. Right?

The Celebrated Bruce J. Kauffmann is today’s guest teacher:

“Few have lived a life as meaningful or full as did Nancy Wake. Living in France in 1940 when Nazi Germany subjugated that country, she became a leader of the “maquis” groups — the French resistance fighters — who sabotaged the Nazi occupation of France at every opportunity. Wake was so good at her job, and so good at escaping capture, that the Gestapo nicknamed her “The White Mouse” because she avoided every trap.

Fearing the law of averages, however, in 1943 her colleagues convinced her to flee France and head for England, where she underwent rigorous training as part of England’s Special Operations Executive. She proved to be an outstanding trainee, and after completing her training she was parachuted back into France to once again assume a leadership position in the resistance. Her duties ranged from recruiting new maquis members to procuring weapons, to leading attacks on hundreds of German military installations.

In some ways, she was an anomaly. She was breathtakingly beautiful and used her beauty to full effect — she was never without her lipstick and face cream — but she was also a hardened and often hard-hearted killer. She handled a machine gun better than most men and once killed a German soldier with her bare hands. And when she discovered another female resistance fighter was a spy she shot her herself, later saying she had no regrets. “I was not a very nice person,” she explained, “and it  didn’t put me off my breakfast. After all, she had an easy death … Her death was a lot better than the one I would have got.”

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13 Responses to “French Country Travel Life History Lesson”

  1. jennifer batten says:

    another page from “truth is stranger than fiction”

  2. incredible story! – but then thye true ones usually

  3. rand parker says:

    wonderful to be reminded of those who gave 110% to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

  4. ted malone says:

    with you 110% rand….and i light add..thye freedoms we take for granted!

  5. viv andrews says:

    who needs james bond?

  6. carl penniman says:

    110% right viv – this real life story has more of the “right stuff”
    than any james bond “adventure.”

  7. sue oberman says:

    carl/viv….has anyone made a movie about her life?

  8. hal porgan says:

    sue…..googling the phrase i just a crappy aussie documentary…
    which opens with her in old age in london…..

  9. sue oberman says:

    thanks hal….looks like there’s another great moive waiting to be made.

  10. howard steinman says:

    one fascinating story……give us more like this!

  11. ted danbury says:

    time for someone to make her a james bond type star!

  12. megan ambrose says:

    ted…..JANE Bond?

  13. megan ambrose says:

    megan/ted…..howsabout Janes Blonde?

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