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Queen for More Than a Day – Part Two




DA BG’s faithful, who’ve read PART ONE of the fantabulous Story of the  The Queen for More Than a Day will remember that she made the wise (and possibly only decision) to marry the guy that had just conquered her country. He being Charles 8.

This union, for all it’s elaborate pomp and ceremony (and isn’t that the best kind?) was not a bed of roses for the young Queen.

Speaking of beds, she brought two with her as she was “installed” in the Kingly chateau of Langeais. Underscoring the fact that King and Queen in those days, were  pretty much that era’s Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

And, as you would expect, said King was often away on noble missions of conquering, capturing and enslaving. Which meant that even if one or both Royal personages were, shall we say – “hot to trot”….it just wasn’t in the cards.

What was in the cards for Anne – as, again you might expect, was producing a male heir. A princely one, who would someday become a kingly one. Thus ensuring that conquering, capturing and enslaving could continue.

Sadly, in this Royal Duty, Anne gets a big “F” in the heir-producing sweepstakes.

Of  her four children, only one lived. And only for three years. Felled by a virulent virus prevalent then. To which children were particularly susceptible. Measles.

When Charles died in 1498, Anne was 21 years old. And legally obliged, by the terms of her marriage contract with Charles, to marry the New King, Louis 12. One small roadblock. Louis was already married.

Did this leave Anne “free, white and (obviously) 21?”

Actually, no one word answer possible. but the exotic stranger from the faraway lands will tell ya all about it in Part Three of the Queen for More Than a Day.

Until then…..THIS may be of interest.


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34 Responses to “Queen for More Than a Day – Part Two”

  1. vic cynters says:

    bob….by the time the queen “came of age” (21) the king was dead.

  2. annie nonomis says:

    vic..can see how that wouldn’t make for the best of honeymmoons, would it?

  3. margo pawson says:

    just discovered your site…abd really enjoy what i’m finding! can’t wait for part three;(but i guess i’ll have to! lol)

  4. ralph williams says:

    sad to hear about the children. imagine you’ll have more on that in the next installment?

  5. tamara dennis says:

    i had exactly the same thought ralph….i’m sure DA BG hasn’t forgotten us on that one.

  6. larry croman says:

    your style is intriguing. especially love the way you work metaphors into the narrative.

  7. barton stevers says:

    larry..would you be referring to : “Bed of Roses”…following by
    “the queen brought two beds?

  8. larry croman says:

    barton…..i would. and did.

  9. ellie brenner says:

    one of my favorite lines from this post : The King was often away on noble missions of conquering, capturing and enslaving.

  10. nancy purintin says:

    ellie….really gets down to the essence of “noble” doesn’t it?

  11. carla stavers says:

    cool idea the opening picture…..different and attracting..

  12. tina lott says:

    the fact that she brought two beds with her….says a lot about honeymmoons in those days doesn’t it?

  13. fay manners says:

    that’s a big “10-4” from me tina!

  14. bev ross says:

    yeah tina and fay..like da bg was saying ….mutual attraction was a way distant second back then!

  15. bob martin says:

    ladies..on the two beds topic…..could it be they were dutifly waiting until the young queen “came of age”

  16. gert branster says:

    bob….maybe i’m just an old MCP…..but i think it was more like “if she’s old enough to go to the store, she’s old enough to get bread.

  17. fay manners says:

    gert..you ARE a MCP. a BBBBig one!

  18. bev ross says:

    totally agree fay!…Gert – you need to wash your brain out. TOTALLY!

  19. fran dennis says:

    really enjoying this series. keep it comin!!

  20. geri walters says:

    ditto from me on that fran! nobody makes history so clear and exciting as DA BG!

  21. mark stevens says:

    love your comment in the first section about making the best(only?) decision. very cool!

  22. derek dennis says:

    another great installment!..and really appreciated the video as well!

  23. ken morton says:

    it constantly amazes me how you can take a complex subject like this, and boil it down to readable, understandable prose.

  24. hugo benson says:

    with ya 100% on that one ken.

  25. tammi perdue says:

    count me in there too ken and hugo. if you read about her in wikipedia for example…you can only go for a paragraph or two until your head starts spinning with all the facts, dates, intrigues, etc.

  26. barton stevers says:

    you wouldn’t be knockin wikipedia now wouldya tammi?

  27. easy to imagine this as a mini-series on tv, isn’t it?

  28. ben carroll says:

    Beth…why just “mini?” sounds like more than enough drama here for a longer run..at least to me!

  29. anybody else into french history notice – that more kings, and assorted royal males seem to die from everday accidents – like Anne’s Father – as opposed to dying in battle?

  30. sally cook says:

    Clem – absolutely…but you forget to mention being poisoned (a big one back then, i hear)

  31. Sally …YOU forgot to mention – being stabbed in a dark hallway…(ok -probably not as frequent as the poisoning.

  32. On the subject of “poisoning” – It’s a recorded fact that “Circles” of “empoisoners” existed in this and other French eras. For the usual reasons.
    Getting rid of a husband. Or, for the ladies wanting to “advance”themselves at the Royal Court.

  33. anias bowman says:

    meredith – your information proves that old saying : “The more things change,the more they stay the same.”

  34. Yes, anias, History DOES repeat itself. It’s just the WAY and the METHOD it repeats that changes.

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