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Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet Backpacking

Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet Backpacking

Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet Backpacking…

is something old that’s been “refurbished” into something new.

The old is what DA BG has been doing for the past zillion and a half years. “Tasting the land and the people as well as the food and wine.”

Little did I know, until recently, that all my fab adventures gliding down sun dappled French country roads was: BIKEPACKING.

Honored(in dementia ) to be one of the founding fathers of Bikepacking. Even thought I wasn’t aware then I was doing it.

But, as you well know, marketing reins in our material World’s constant grab for your wallet. And, what could be easier(and more profitable) than pasting a trendy new label on an old activity?
And so “camping with a bicycle” has morphed into “Bikepacking.”

With, as you would expect, countless varieties of “made for bikepacking” cycles. And all the (not wallet friendly) gear that you must have to enjoy you BP adventure to the max.

However, you don’t need any franklins to groove and (bien sur) thrill to

DA BG’s (unconsciously) Bikepacking adventures. Because all you need to do is… Click Here.

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