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Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet – Cancels 2022 Photo Tour

Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet – Cancels 2022 Photo Tour

There’s an old saying:”A man’s reach must always exceed his grasp – or what’s a heaven for?“Inspirational stuff that.

There’s also another saying: “Don’t bite off more than your can chew.”

And don’t you find that the majority of your confusions,anxieties, shattered dreams and other blue meanies are caused by getting pumped up by saying #one? Only to be shot down by saying #two?

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened with my proposed 2022 tour.

You see, unlike my Euro touring/ scribbling  pal Rick Steves,(BTW: He’s a great pianist) I don’t have 100 plus helpers to float my boat.

I am the captain, first mate, second mate,deckhand and tea boy of the good ship BG.

And I done by shot down -by saying # two.

But, don’t get out your hankies just yet – because there are many other wonderful ways to experience the Treasures of France’

You’ll get a  basketfull of great ideas HERE. (not an affiliate link.)

Wishing you, as always, Great Adventures.

Da Bg.

“Life is either a great adventure,or nothing”

–  Helen Keller –

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