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Da BG’s Tour de France Canal Treasures

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Da BG’s Tour de France Canal Treasures are just some of the uber-cool and marvy sights at which you will gasp at and drool over on Da Bg’s Tour de France Photo Course Workshop 2015.

Here Are Three:

1. The Canal Lateral du Loire

Which will lead you to Gustave Eiffel’s OTHER masterpiece..

2. The Point du Canal at Briare.

3. The Canal du Midi – winding it’s way through a very big and booty -ess slice o’ this here corner o’ paradise. (but then – I AM kinda prejudiced. – as you’ve probably noticed.)


What are ya thinkin’?

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7 Responses to “Da BG’s Tour de France Canal Treasures”

  1. rachel forfait says:

    absolutely wish i was there!..thanks for these!

  2. earle birde says:

    got to be the most relaxing way to see any country!..particularly france….really nice stuff BG.

  3. fenton denman says:

    didn’t know gustave eiffel did more than the famous tower. Now, thanks to you – I do!

  4. geri walters says:

    with ya 100% fenton…i was in the same boat (the didn’t know one – lol!) amazing what you can learn from Da Bg – isn’t it?

  5. fenton denman says:

    that’s a big “10-4” geri!

  6. candance meeker says:

    hard to pick a favorite ..but the canal du midi trip looks really fantastic to me!

  7. sandra huffman says:

    hey candace..why not try ’em all?

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