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French Country Life Travel Flavors



French Country Life Travel Flavors. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. I’ve been lucky enough to taste many. But not all. Never all. That’s why I’m Still at it.

Still glidling down sun dappled country backroads tasting the wine, the food, the land, and most importantly, the people. Then sharing these authentic slices of French Country Life with you. (that is why you’re here – right?)

France has been good to me. As I revealed in THIS POST. But my greatest Treasures of France on my French Country Life Travels have been the unexpected ones .Don’t you find that to be so?

Naturally, before embarking on any adventure, you have dreams, expectations, cliches dancing around in your head. Some prove to be true. Others not. But, in my experience, and I imagine in yours, the greatest “gems” are the ones you never could have imagined. N’est ce pas?

While my “raison d’etre” is to continue filming and sharing my travels on the French Country Life backroads, there is one aspect I can’t share:

It’s the obvious personal one. The memories that call out to me from each frame of film. Taking me back, in minute detail, to the place, time and situation of our happy collison.

I’m sure you’ve had a similiar experience with whatever personal image making you’ve been involved with. For that’s what images are all about – “hostages against time” – as the English photographer David Bailey describes it.

Every personal image, be it film, video, or photograph freezes an emotional moment. And in doing so, makes it immortal. It remains constant and fresh. While we, sadly, do not. Perhaps that’s why we’re so drawn to, images?

So, although I can’t share my emotional moments of these Flavors of French Country Travel Life with you – perhaps they’ll stir a few emotions in you. Ones that might inspire you to begin an adventure of your own. (preferably with images!) Bon appetit!


What are ya thinkin’?

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20 Responses to “French Country Life Travel Flavors”

  1. lyle carstairs says:

    Simply one of your best posts/videos EVER!

  2. hortense prejean says:

    amazing video! thank you SO MUCH!!!

  3. lionel bittersley says:

    Totally GOBSMACKED! The combination of information and entertainment presented is beyond stellar!! All my hats (and I have several) are off to you!!!

  4. alridge nederman says:

    Of all your fine videos, this one is perhaps the most classic.

  5. betty furness says:

    some very tasty stuff!

  6. peter dementer says:

    can only heartilty agree with your previous commentors…..this is one of your best!…..and you’ve got a lot of them!!

  7. iris muldoon says:

    Dreamy stuff…particularly like the way yo fade into each new scene.

  8. cary yedeen says:

    i’m with iris on the fades…..and i’d like to add that your choices of images really makes it all smooth and natural…..not just some effect.

  9. brad spencer says:

    looking forward to more like this……..way cool

  10. percival morris-clark says:

    Your narrative skills – text and video – never cease to amaze and delight. Long may you create!

  11. jan penny says:

    just an amazing video!..;and a great post too!!

  12. steve armitage says:

    has got me revved up for a french visit real soon – great stuff!

  13. teri marken says:

    I’m with you Steve….only hope i find “flavors” as tasty as DA BG’S!

  14. zazou retif says:

    my only regret is that it’s not longer!

  15. zazou retif says:

    i hear ya zazou!…..hey BG – howsabout 10 minutes plus???

  16. phillipe argoud says:

    thanking you for this video…..very fine what you do and show other peoples how beautiful the country we have in france. (more beautiful than my english!)

  17. susan benner says:

    OK – i’ve always dreamed of going to france…..but thanks to this video and your post…….i’m finally going to do it!

  18. tatiana packer says:

    this video is the next best thing to being there!…but like one of your other commentors said :”Longer please next time!!!

  19. harry capaz says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones – who like you has had the first hand experience with the incredible French countryside…and I’d just like to let your other readers know, that your video perfectly encapsulates my experience….and would, I think, for most people.

  20. laura santo domingo says:

    so, harry….you’re basically saying: “just go?”

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