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French Country Travel Life Pot Puri



My adventures here have been, and, happily, continue to be , a French Country Travel Life Pot Puri. Slices of French Country Life. In all shapes, sizes, textures and varities. But the flavors, with rare expections, always sweet.

And the hospitality genuine and overwhelming. It’s that hospitality, and the (usually) instant welcome that accompanies it, that keeps flashing up on my French Country Travel Life memory screen.

The scent of freshly baked bread, gliding through a tiny village at daybreak. Deserted expect for the Baker inside. And the Postman out. Making the rounds on his yellow bicycle.*

Meeting a Count who was as “down to earth” as his gardener. Even though he owned every piece of land for untold kms. around his lakeside Chateau.

Tasting freshly made cheese on a mountain top with the young cheesemaking couple and their two daughters. Each with their own cow.

Like the flashes I imagine you have of experiences in your life – DA BG’s come at all hours. Always unpredictable. Always uninvited. But always welcome. Old friends you haven’t seen for a while. But have definitely not forgotten.

Yon can “taste” a small appetizer of my French Country Travel Life Pot Puri by CLICKING HERE.

*postal bicycles are also yellow in Spain and Italy. Is there some symbolism here  we exotic strangers from the far away lands fail to grok?


What are ya thinkin’?



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28 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Pot Puri”

  1. janice bond says:

    thanks for another great video!

  2. frank overland says:

    some nice “slices” of french country life here.

  3. susi benner says:

    amen, frank…way ta go BG! AGAIN!!!

  4. gardner wilcox says:

    hey..i’ve noticed the yellow bicycle thing too! – what’s up with that?

  5. samantha engleton says:

    thanks again for sharing your incredile experience in a way that almost makes them ours!

  6. reggis breener says:

    too cool man…as always…you are da best!!!

  7. coleman edwards says:

    a big “merci” for this slice of french country life!

  8. orville markson says:

    no one..and i mean NO ONE takes us intimatley through the french countryside like DA BG!

  9. doreena temoloe says:

    your other commentors have said it all!…WOW! is all i can add!

  10. gunnar larsen says:

    it’s videos like this one that finally inspired me to make the long trip from sweden down to france; no regrets! many thanks again.

  11. ted garth says:

    sorry to rain on the parade of all these other idiots gushing over this feeble coillection of cliche images but….hey…..this is pathetic!

  12. mary wanderly says:

    ted…glad to see you’ve included yourself in the “idiot” category.

  13. cal worthington says:

    right on mary!

  14. sheila lang says:

    ted….it’s clear your taste is between your toes!

  15. milos spencer says:

    Ted…may we have a web address where we may enjoy your (hopefully)
    “non-pathetic” videos?

  16. cathy bogon says:

    wow….lots of reponse to “mr ted the video authority…i’m in the class of the “idiots” who really dig this video! (and all that you do!!!)

  17. samuels yester says:

    the rhythmn you establish with the sequence of your images is truly masterful.

  18. don pardonet says:

    with ya there samuels..and i’d also add…. all the more captivating because da bg does it so subtly.

  19. melody perez says:

    if only we could smell the bread too! (lol)

  20. penny gruber says:

    always amazed at how many amazing adventures you have!….and so glad you share them with us. especially your videos!

  21. lauren domingo santos says:

    to paraphrase a line from one of the james bond songs : “nobody does it better!

  22. randy squimms says:

    this video really gives me a feeling of being there!…or really..more like WANTING to be there!

  23. stacie kelly says:

    how many people i wonder have ever met a “down to earth” count?

  24. mildred watson says:

    love your video! and i get those flashes to BG…but unbfortunately, consider my age and the fact that i’m female……they’re hot flashes! oh well!

  25. edgar allan says:

    with each succedding BG video…..i aways say..this is his best….
    until the next one comes along!

  26. carly simmons says:

    i can really relate to this vid becuase i had some great hospitality on my first visit to france. people – DA BG is on da money!

  27. bev traff says:

    i can second that carly……whenever i went the people were SOOO helpful!

  28. wendy carl says:

    hey girls…i could’nt agree with you more….and let me add that even in the city…where the french are supposed to be rude(bad cliche!)…they were ever so kind…and interested to point me in the right direction.

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