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French Country Travel Life Vacation



The  French Country Travel Life Vacation  is the one to take. Why? Well, outside of the obvious Treasures of French life (regularly extolled by DA BG) the French, like most Europeans, get six weeks a year of workless fun n’ frolic. With medical. With dental. And best of all – with pay!

Hard to get yer head around for us folks from “over there” with our miserable two weeks unpaid-no bennies after two years, innit?

But there is one Frenchman I know who is an exception to the luxurious Holiday rule. He’s never  had a day off in thirty years! Not even one day o’ bronzin’ in the back yard.  Let alone a weekend at the lake.  Thirty years of eighteen hour days 24/7.

Given the regulations of the French social system – what employer you might rightly ask could so brazenly flaunt the law? Year after year. With no fear of retribution?

The answer – in two words – Yves Lacroix. Independant  contractor. Self-employed businessman. Dairy farmer.  An occuption more time, labor and Euro intensive dear reader has yet to be invented.

Not only do you have to coddle the 4 legged milk producers from dawn ’til dusk, but there is the added thrill of regular visits(and bills) from the vet. To prevent/cure all the exotic disease that result from being constantly covered with flies and rolling in the mud.

Why? is the question you’re asking yourself now.  Right?  Why thirty years of self-imposed slavery? Simple.  Because at the end of the slavery tunnel there was a light. A golden one. Retirement. Yves Lacroix had his eyes on the prize. Every day. Rain or shine. For thirty years.

And when that day finally arrived – Yves started his work.  The joyous kind. Builidn his dream house.  Weathered stone and old oak beams.  Giant walk in fireplace.  Heirloom furniture.  From the family and old chateaus. Heated, covered swimming pool on the patio.

And best of all, a 180° view of the village, valley and the forest beyond. The perfect place to continue his thirty year honeymoon with his childhood sweetheart.

Then – the law arrived. Murphy’s law. You know that one dear reader. Do you not? “If something can go wrong – it will?” What went wrong was his Wife’s health. CANCER.

Six months later, Yves was again a bachelor. In a house built for, and by love. Yes, He’s got his grandkids and friends galore. He even goes dancing two nights a week. So, Yves isn’t putting  his head in the oven just yet. But when he’s alone, with the memory of what was and what could/should have been – there is no band-aid for the heart.

The moral of our story dear reader: Treasure your loved ones. savour them. Cherish every second together as if it were your last. Because it could well be.


What are ya thinkin’?


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21 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Vacation”

  1. sara teasdale says:

    a sad post. yes. but one with a message we all need to take to heart. thank you so much for this.

  2. margaret rutherford says:

    ditto on the message sara…..but the adjective i would use is “tragic”…..several universes beyond sad.

  3. randy beckner says:

    you’ve reminded us of something we all know. but need to be more aware of. great job. Great post!

  4. clive overshot says:

    not the usual “happy ending” type of post we’ve come to expect from you. and all the more important for us to take this onboard. a very sensitive and meaningful post.

  5. brenda carlisle says:

    so tragic!….but, as the reader readers have commented….so important to appreciate your loved ones! beautifully done!

  6. sylvan edwards says:

    this post è in three words “count your blessings.”

  7. allen merkson says:

    a very unique post. depressing and inspiring at the same time. hats off to you. Again!

  8. mary carlson says:

    sadly, sometimes we need to be reminded of the tragedy that life can send us, so that we treausre what we have. Yoiur excellent post has given us all a giant wake-up call. thank you so much.

  9. jose hernandez says:

    very sad story you tell…but good for you to tell it. many thanks.

  10. carol stavers-benn says:

    we never know what to expect from your posts. other than quality originality and sensitivity. What more could a reader ask for. please keep suprising us.

  11. raol danst says:

    always something to learn from the sad and tragic. you educated us with great sensitivity. as usual. keep up the high quality.

  12. dave emmerson says:

    by a sad coincidence, i have a relative in the same boat as yves. your post brough it all home for the rest of us.many thanks. the internet is a better place because of you.

  13. dave emmerson says:

    never know what to expect from you……this post an excellent example. you always give us the straight goods – without the sugar coating. which is what this world needs more of. keep it up!

  14. ellie stavers says:

    a very inspirational post. and, i guess, not an easy one to write. more power to you.

  15. joe pergay says:

    someone needs to tell the sad stories that have implications for us all. luckily, we have you. all th best!

  16. maurice boyer says:

    as a frenchman i can tell your other readers that there are many “yves” in france, who are working too long and too hard..who are rewarded with a heart attack.

  17. tad westen says:

    good to have your feedback maurice…..seems like there are “yves” in every country, unfortunately.

  18. colin kline says:

    very touching. and very appropriate.

  19. signe andersson says:

    you’ve shown us..or should i say reminded us to live our lives as fully as possible each day. appreciating our family and friends as if it were their/ou last days. who else would do this but you?

  20. martin brekman says:

    this post falls into the “it’s a tough joib..but somebody’s got to do it” category. and you did it just fine. way to go BG!

  21. ramos tekni says:

    very sad your writing but you give good message sir.

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