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French Country Travel Life Village Encore – Part Two


French Country Travel Life Village Encore – Part Two   can be enjoyed without first reading PART ONE. But, skimming that scribble might actually add to the French Village Vibe. Your call.

After leaving Gordes(see why part one could be helpful?) and continuing east, you will, in short order be viewing a village suffused with an unimaginable rainbow of color. Mostly Ochre. (uh..that would be red/orange?) These fab colors, the result of a combination of oxides, make  Roussillon some serious eye candy. Which, bien sur, means “Photo Op” Big time! (DA BG has profited from them many times)

There is a legend (what Time would call: unverified reports from usually reliable sources) regarding how the rocks of Roussillon got their magical pre-kodachrome colors. It’s a tad on the gory side, but it involves the son of Nostradamus (remember him from part one?),Sermonde, wife of the notorious bad guy oppressor of his people, Raimond, Seigneur of Roussillon. (ie -big man on campus) and a young troubadour. The locals will surely regale you with the details at the drop of the slightest hint.


As it’s the second most visited village in these here parts after Gordes, Roussillon IS in all the “must-see-beautiful-villages”guidebooks. That notwithstanding, if you visit off-season, you and the 1300 or so locals should have plenty of space to do your own thing. Which should include checking out the gastronomy(that’s “fancy grub”) and arts and crafty offerings. Of which there be plenty.




What are ya thinkin’?

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20 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Village Encore – Part Two”

  1. gail fisher says:

    amazing colors! you’re right about “photographer’s paradise.” will definitely give this one a visit. thanks agin for you (always) super posts!

  2. alma winston says:

    gail said it all…….fantastic colors…..plus history, fancy grub and art. what more could you want?

  3. sara johnson says:

    alma…re: “what more could you want?” – reasonable prices!

  4. wilson steffens says:

    sounds like nostradamus was a local in at least two of these villages. wonder what he was predicting back then?

  5. sally cook says:

    the legend sounds intriguing…but the…all the gory ones are….aren’t they?

  6. melvin durst says:

    sally……good point….seems to have worked well for alfred hitchcock!

  7. danielle forsythe says:

    after seeing these photos…esay to understand why it’s in all the guidebooks…still…as you say…worth visiting…..at the right time!

  8. sean mullins says:

    excellent post…of course…..really loive the little asides you put it…like the one about time magazine..very cool!

  9. bart daniels says:

    your unstated advice: bring extra memory cards for all those photo ops?

  10. Great article, and I agree that these 2 villages are even more enchanting during the off season.

  11. ramon valesquez says:

    we have place in spain very much like this…but very nice thnis place in france to visit; thank you and excuse for my english please.

  12. cesar romanick says:

    super post! also really love the “unverified sources” line; too true!

  13. paula everton says:

    i’m thinkin……would it be too cliche to say “can’t wait to go?”

  14. allen turner says:

    this one gets my vote…..before/instead of Gordes!….seems to be much more “user friendly.” (and hopefully less expensive!)

  15. tilda barton says:

    waiting for a village-y post that does not have nostradamus in it.

  16. henney stavers says:

    tilda…what’s your beef with Nostadamus?

  17. mordai pronos says:

    henney…could it be that nostradamus gave tilda a bad prediction?

  18. carson stevens says:

    mordai….if you supposition is true…..tilda is a lot older than the rest of us.

  19. betty freeman says:

    carson…..you got that right!

  20. cecil bettman says:

    thius post is another worhty contribution to this series…..thanks for shinging such a bright and focused light on these french treasures!

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