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French Film Cake Recipie



After a zillion years (actually, more like a zillion and a half) of cycling the French country backroads filming my modest contribution to cinematic history, I’ve come to realize that making a film is a lot like making a cake.

Both require certain ingredients in a correct proportion to give desireable results. However, while in both cases, one hopes to please the majority with your creation, the hoary breath of reality dictates that  “desireable” experience will be totally subjective.

Another commonality between film and cake making, is that both involve a certain degree of inspiration. In the case of the cake, perhaps simply: “I feel inspired to bake a chocolate cake today.” For the film maker, inspiration, contrary to what you might imagine, is optional. For example, when I create a film celebrating bulldozers or surgical rubber gloves, there is no inspiration involved. Quality, absolutely. Creatively realized – bien sur. But it’s a job of work. Not a sacred calling.

On the other hand, because I was inspired to return to France after my first cycling visit –THIS SERIES– and a whole new life was the result.

Like cake creation, sometimes you find yourself in the cinematic kitchen with some great ingredients. Not enough to “bake up” something substantial; but, like Belgian chocolate leftovers, too good to throw away.

When I find myself in that situation, I fill a glass with something wonderful and red, and mix up a batter of those leftovers. Like I did here:



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15 Responses to “French Film Cake Recipie”

  1. cal peterson says:

    it’s a little bit quirky….but in a nice way….like it!

  2. zamar akrahiz says:

    you have make a very emotional film here that i am liking….i hope you be giving to us more of this same best quality.

  3. randi berkowiz says:

    beautiful flow of images…

  4. candice bigelow says:

    Bg – You’ve baked us a great “cake.” Way ta go!

  5. tom marachelli says:

    i’m thinkin’…if i had a glass of something “red and wonderful” could i do something like this?…..absolutely not! obviously a great ad for wine drinking!

  6. maresi tomintto says:

    to me, this video is a little more non-literal than your usual. and i think its a good contrast. lots of atmosphere.

  7. angela markham-scott says:

    I second what maresi said about the atmosphere….for me the fact that there is no “story” in the traditional sense….means that the images invite us to figure out what’s happening.

  8. trish bergen says:

    Once again…..you hit the bullseye!

  9. harrison franklin says:

    the sequence with the painter is killer…very dream like…and for me…the dream feeling continues with the dog and the old guy raking leaves…..

  10. betty furness says:

    i like the “stream of conciousness” feel of your video….yes…it does tell a story….or should i say hint at at story…..i guess that’s what i love about it….that the viewer can sort of “fill in the blanks.” thanks again.

  11. howard bettson says:

    don’t know how you keep coming up with all this stuff….but sure glad that you do.

  12. raphael mendoza says:

    you are the lorca of video my friend.

  13. moe holland says:

    hey…i don’t know who this lorca guy is raphael was talkin’ about…..but i do know this video rocks!

  14. homer winslow says:

    i’m thinkin’ this is just a bunch of artys fartsy crap!

  15. sandy bradshaw says:

    Homer : It takes all kinds to make a World. Thanks for sharing.

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