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French Stays



French Travel Finds. Exceptional French Places To StayFrench Country Travel Life Guide. French Country Travel Life Expert. French Travel life Advisor. French Travel Life Tipster. French words and phrases that all relate to? Yes, clever you, yours unruly, the Bicycle Gourmet

While I have been called almost all of the above (and other names that are not re-printable in a journal as sensitive and discreet as this one) the “odd man out” here is  obviously: French Travel Finds.

Those three words describe perfectly what I’ve been sharing with y’all for countless scribbles, photos and videos. But those same Exceptional French Places to Stay that often gave birth to the memorable meetings with incredible people stories, photos and videos, have, until now, remained in DA BG’s personal rolodex.

But – no more! The rolodex of rave resorts, French Chateaus, French Small Hotels, French B n’ b’s, French Gites – has been opened! And it’s contents lovingly poured into my soon-to-be-in-your-hands forthcoming tome – Bicycle Gourmet’s French Travel Finds – Exceptional French Places to stay.

In French Travel Finds by the Bicycle Gourmet you will discover more than forty destinations, brimming over with authentic slices of French Country Travel Life hospitality. And genuine French Culture, bien sur.

You will also, notice, and I hope appreciate, those Exceptional French Places to Stay are described  in the unedited  prose of their owners. With their own unedited images.

But wait – just because French Travel Finds is a marvy French Travel Guidebook doesn’t mean for an instant that I will not be continuing to regale, amuse and(hopefully) delight you with more of my up close n’ personal collisions with French Country Life. NoSir/M’am!

Bicycle Gourmet’s “More Than a Year in Provence” series will continue. With Book Two arriving sooner than you could possibly imagine.

So if you be a dyed-in-da-wine Francophile (like you know who) now is the time to add Bicycle Gourmet’s French Travel Finds –Exceptional French Places to Stay – to your “to do” list.

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26 Responses to “French Stays”

  1. andy brennan says:

    can’t wait to see it – sounds fantastic!

  2. stanford carson clark says:

    opening up ones rolodex is truly the mark, and proof , of exceptional generosity.

  3. vi anderly says:

    you said a mouthful there stanford…and very well…..so, really i don’t have to!..many thanks from us all!!!

  4. karl tremain says:

    i for one, have been wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. but, very welcome.

  5. barrie lockton says:

    karl, RE: “why you didn’t do this sooner”….could it be da bg was (rightly) occupied with sharing the best of his personal adventures on the french country backroads?…HMMMMMMM?

  6. harriet wilmot says:

    point well made barrie!..and i’d like to add a possible second reason: to preserve the privacy of all the folks who were so hospitable to the “exotic stranger from the far away lands?”

  7. coral anderson says:

    really like that the owners will be telling their story “in their own” words. refreshing change from all those other guidebooks…

  8. barry potter says:

    with ya there coral…and let me add, as you probably would have, the descriptions in those other guides are so flowerly and over the top, you really have NO IDEA of what you’re getting!

  9. jean claude bouvet says:

    i’m very much to agree with you barry…and i look very much forward to have this book..even though i am french and know some things about nice places here.

  10. gerry andrews says:

    as welcome as the guide is..great to hear you’re not abandoning all the personal experiences we’ve come to love and..well..yes;;EXPECT from DA BG!

  11. annie raine says:

    fantastic addition to your regular posts!

  12. marly street says:

    just starting to plan my holiday when i saw this. thanks so much!

  13. yop seomens says:

    good to know as great as this guide is, you’ll be conti_nuing with all the posts we know and love about your french travels.

  14. will stevenson says:

    just picked up this book. great stuff!

  15. vic rogers says:

    with ya there will…got the paperback version…and it’s BIG! 8X10 – and those color photos look amazing at that size….

  16. roni specton says:

    haven’t check out your book yet…but after the comments i’m reading here…
    i’ll be on it! can’t imagine how it wouldn’t be fantastic – coming from you!

  17. anson parks says:

    while this book sounds cool – i’m waiting for the next installment of “more than a year in provence!”

  18. tess duber says:

    anson – i second that emotion . bring it on BG!!!

  19. great to finally see a guidebook with decent sized photos! well done.

  20. nice to hear about these places from the owners themselves and not some ad agency phrase spinner. real is definitely where it’s at!

  21. rita purman says:

    a resource of this quality was long overdue. you,ve set the mark admirably high for all those who chose to follow your inspired lead.

  22. not often a travel oriented publication achieves this level of authenticity. good on ya bg!

  23. after seeing this – can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  24. kyle rosemon says:

    glad you have this in paperback. digital is cool. but, as you know nothing beats thumbing through pages when you need the info.(like when you don’t have a tablet in hand!)

  25. with you on the paperback edition kyle….and hey, sure saves on tablet batteries too!

  26. unger stevens says:

    here is sweden we are particularly fond of france…as our summers…as you know..are very short. But it’s not just the weather that brings us back to france. and this guide surely will give us an “unfair advantage” at finding the best BG approved places. bravo encore!

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