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French Travel Life Miracle

It will be obvious to my more sophisticated readers (“The Buttheads”) that it’s impossible for someone without deep pockets cycling fifty kms plus a day,  four to five months a year to drop thirty euros or so per day for grub and a bed.  So – How do I do it?  Simple.  I gots FAITH.  Faith in the generousity of the Human spirit.  Faith in the goddi of adventure. Faith that each night, I will find someone who’ll say: “Wow – What a great adventure! Come on in and tell us all about it….but first…I’ll show you your room. Then take a shower and relax.”

It’s that simple,dear reader.”People will always be kind.”(Clare Booth Luce, I believe. But don’t quote me.) And each day is different. Which is the core of the adventure. Sometimes it’s the first door you knock on. Other times, forty doors plus. The longest(so far) seven hours of continuous sore knuckles in a picture postcard village where everyone who could’nt help,  loaded me up with all manner o’ grub. When I finally connected with my hosts,  they turned out to be a French-American couple with two bi-lingual teenage sons, who were both musicians.(There is a dog!)

And do I always find a warm welcome?  Uh..well never say never – but so far – so good. And what if I don’t find someone on my wavelength?  That thought never enters my mind. Because(you’re ahead of me again, dear reader, are’nt you?) I’ve got FAITH! Faith is a certainty BEYOND belief. That unlike belief, requires no proof.

Belief is only necessary for doubtful truths. No one with a full load asks: “Do you believe in  roses?” Because roses are an experiential truth. We can see/smell/touch(and if we’re really hungry, eat)’em. So, what’s to “believe?” Ah, but “God”, flying saucers the “law” of attraction, they require belief. Which is literally a way of saying you wish those things to be.

Our word “belief” comes from two Anglo-Saxon words “To be” and “lief” – meaning “wish.” So when people say: “I believe in God” – they’re only saying : “I wish God to be.” Cleary –  a fairy tale – by any reasonable definition. Made even more ridiculous by those who profess to “believe” in God, then search for “miracles” to confirm their fairy tale. Thus making a mockery of the entire concept!  Which is why for true “believers” everything – good/bad/indifferent that touches their lives is “a sign” from da almighty.
“It’s not for us to know my son.”  “He works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”, etc. You’re getting my drift dear reader, are you not?  Faith and Belief.  Apples ‘n Oranges.  Oil ‘n water.  No similiarity.  No relation.

My “Travelling by faith” began on my first trip to France. Sixty dollar second hand bike.  No camcorder.  No intention of making a film. Everywhere I received an open and generous welcome. A natural and warm invitation and initiation to another Culture.  Another way of life. It was this welcome, and the way it was offered, that germinated the seed that was to become “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France.

It was, and is my intention, to share within the limitations of words and pictures,  the personal riches I’ve been fortnuate enough to amass in my travels.  My hope is that you may be able to “taste” the spirit of my adventure and apply it to yours. Regardless of whether or not a bicycle is involved.

BOTTOM  LINE : When you sail out on the sea of adventure,  the only GPS you need  –  is faith.


What are ya thinkin’?

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34 Responses to “French Travel Life Miracle”

  1. kyle morgan says:

    practical philosophy! – what the World needs more of. Keep it up!

  2. sandra bullmer says:

    i don’t know anyone who would have the guts to travel the way you do. Very inspiring.

  3. mark wintersly says:

    You are living the life many of us dream of. But don’t have your secret weapon. FAITH.

  4. sylvie parsons says:

    Good to know there’s someone out there , truly travelling “without a net.” Continued good luck!

  5. daphne goode says:

    Pverhaps premature to say you’re one of the last REAL adventurers…but you’re certainly one of them. I admire your courage.

  6. simon adlems says:

    Your post gives a whole new meaning to the word “faith.” And an inspiration to those who build roadblocks to their dreams.

  7. conine adderly says:

    If only more people had your attitude, and were willing to “walk their talk” i think this world would be a much more harmonius place.

  8. gail chemille says:

    Will there be a bicycle gourmet travel guide – “Europe on No Dollars a day?”

  9. theodore ransom says:

    A very thoughtful and clear anaylsis of “belief” and “faith.” Two words we tend(wrongly) to use interchangeably

  10. elvira taylor says:

    Fairy tales – could’nt agree with you more! Only for adults who never grow up and need somebody to hold their hand!

  11. ted everson says:

    what you would consider “normal” – the rest of us would think of as an “extreme sport.”

  12. frank danfield says:

    Your courage is enormous. Your faith – admirable. Your luck – obviously well deserved. Long may you pedal.

  13. annie petter says:

    the last photo perfectly crystalizes the vibe of your post. if people don’t get that -time to check for a pulse!

  14. torvald petersson says:

    I admire your spirit…..but here in sweden you’d need more than faith….you’d need very good long underwear!

  15. francine allman says:

    “walking your talk” is the only phrase to describe your lifstyle. If only more of us could do the same!

  16. allen batimoso says:

    As a merchandiser I suggest your next move should be the bicycle gourmet “GOT FAITH” tee-shirt.

  17. karen normouthier says:

    Your post resoundingly answers the obvious question: “If it’s that simple – why isn’t everyone doing it.”

  18. devon brower says:

    Your choice of photos is particularly good on this post. Truly compliments the text.

  19. trisha middelton says:

    reading this inspires me to test my faith in human nature, by bike. But i’m going to wait until summer!

  20. bryan veodiat says:

    Of the many ways to travel, your style seems the most logical and natural. Too bad most of us, as you point out, just don’t have the necessary “fuel.”

  21. vivianne westview says:

    While I admire and am of course, inspired by your “travel style”, it’s also apparent that you have a formidable talent for organization and perservance as well, to turn all this into a film series AND a blog.

  22. tom watnabe says:

    gliding blissfully through France on a “carpet of faith.” Like it!

  23. debbie tinnitomas says:

    if life is truly to be measured in the richness of experience….you are definitely a billionaire! Thanks for sharing.

  24. cesar romeo says:

    very cool – the belief and faith stuff. right on!

  25. kyle bertrand says:

    An intriging philosophy….and equally intriging lifestyle.

  26. sandrine bonnet says:

    You’re really got the right idea about how travel should be…..totally personal and direct.

  27. derek ralston says:

    While I’m tempted to say : “get a job”, it’s clear you already have one. And, sadly for me, it’s the one that I want. Oh well!

  28. tad bukowski says:

    Dude! – your trip is just way cool! Don’t think i could make it on a snowboard tho! Later!

  29. elizabeth anson says:

    Kudos for sharing this brillant philosophy/lifestyle. Especially since you always give us both sides of the coin…I’m thinking especially of your “French Travel Life Nightmare” post. Good, bad, or in between, you always “tell it like it is.”

  30. peter buddmiester says:

    You have given us something none of the famous travel guides can hope to. And, for free. Now, there’s a deal!

  31. sarah tellman says:

    There is more than a little poetry in your writing. I suspect, because your journey is an epic poem?

  32. suzi estevan says:

    faith and a bicycle. simple and(dare i say “gourmet” recepie for adventure.

  33. marcel bretone says:

    the combination of words and pictures you present really gives the flavor of being there. Well done!

  34. betty evershall says:

    While I certainly don’t have your degree of faith, in my travels through france as a walker, I’ve had experiences that resonate completely with your inspirational post.

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