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French Country Travel Life Hotch

French Country Travel Life Hotch comes in many flavors. There is the made-by-monks (actually these days, “created by monks” would be more accurate) Benedictine. A dizzying array (and isn’t that the best kind?) of Brandys. Cointreau – the pride of Angers. And that other contender for orange liquer excellence, Grand Mariner. But who first thought […]

19Apr2013 | | 30 comments | Continued
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French Churches – part Three of Four

Monkshine No fine and fancy ramble through the cloisters of French Churchdom would be complete without a large tip o’ the glass to “The Booze Brothers. ” Those monks who  praise the Holy Spirit by brewin’ up a batch of spirits. “Bros ‘n Booze” is a tradition as old as monkdom itself. Plus,it’s only logical. Men, […]

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